Friday, 12 February 2010

Michael Pitt

Hi lovers I know I have been very photo-heavy in my posts recently…and I promise that I will bore you with the magic coming from my brain again next week. But since it’s Friday, I thought we can simply dive head into some gorgeousness.

The gorgeousness that is Michael Pitt.

Everybody, who read my Dawson Reeks post might know that I have just a slight obsession with Michael Pitt. He is everything I love. Fucked-up, in looks and the head. Singer and guitarist in a shit band. Different. Not bothered. Promiscuous. Self-destructive. Self-doubting. Artistic. Weird. Anti-social. Young-looking but old-souled. Slightly menacing.

I love Michael Pitt, but he also freaks the shit outta me.

laters lovers x

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