Friday, 19 February 2010

Fashion Fix #1

Hello lovers, I wanna talk about fashion today. Yes I know I ain’t no Tavi or no Patricija even, but fuck it, let’s do it anyway. My frequent readers will know that I am, on top of that, not particularly fond of Topshop either, so this will be an interesting one.

So my fashion musts for the coming spring in no way reflect what’s in Vogue or Dazed, but solely my random colourful and utterly DIY style opinion . I rate tropical Aztec and Egyptian happy grunge style with twee, colour explosion pastel chic at the mo. In your face.

Loving those Melon Vans but obviously not for me but for the boyfriend. Loving those Courtney Love fucked-up dark flowery grunge numbers and as always band T-Shirts in as many varieties as possible. Also loving good illustrations on T-shirts and vibrant patterns. Have a look below to see what tickles my fancy.

Laters Lovers x

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