Friday, 14 January 2011

Forgotten Bands

Hello loved ones I feel like we are always talking about who’s the hottest, who’s the fiercest and sexiest band right now, but what I really wanna talk about are the bands that never made it, but should have. There’s this sentiment of sadness and gloom and underlying sense of a broken promise that I find way more enticing than discussing who’s gonna top the charts next month. And……I like losers.


Sort of like the proto Killers, but just came a bit too early to hit the mainstream with their bittersweet lyrics, electro pop and observations about love. Dreamboat lead-singer Diego Garcia was Brandon Flowers for a generation of girls who looked for poetry and debauchery. Their full-length debut, Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid, was released in 2003 and perfectly encapsulated a sense of loss and longing of the post millennium generation. “Tell me your name, tell me your story, cause I’m into it, running through life like a misfit” sings Diego Garcia and it sounded so perfect at the time.

Check this shizzle here. Elefant – Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid

The Music

Now The Music were massively popular for a short time, and they sort of re-introduced psychedelia which is a bloody achievement, if you ask me. There were loads of reasons to love The Music, here are some.

They called their first EP ‘You Might As Well Try To Fuck Me” – love it.

Their gigs looked like regular guitar gigs but were raves really.

They fused all the most shit elements of music (psychedelia, wanking guitar solos, hippie-esque tribal beats, Britpop, repetitiveness) and turned them into a beautiful beats beast.

Their lyrics didn’t make any sense, but it didn’t matter cause it was too loud and feedback heavy to understand anyway.

Rave this way: The Music – The Music

Snow White

Now I love Snow White. They were and still are the best proto-post-pop-punk band that ever existed. They never even released an album, but their singles and EPs speak for themselves really. A bunch of bratty kids hating everything and hating everything very loudly and eloquently, but doing it with an unparalleled passion.

Underneath the noise, they always had a beautiful melody and their songs perfectly symbolised the idiosyncrasies of life, the dichotomy of light and dark, up and down. Often dubbed the British Sonic Youth, Snow White were way more than that. Favourite tracks include ‘I Fucking Hate Led Zeppelin’, ‘Bored, Somewhat Detached’ and Walking Past 27 Pictures of an Ex-girlfriend'. Actually all of their songs are favourites.

Check their Myspace and this and this song and fall in love with a dead band.