Friday, 14 October 2011

Crush of the Week - Ryan Gosling

Doing a crush of the week post again today. It’s been a while and today I’m on the obvious choice. Ryan Gosling. I know he’s very good-looking and all that and usually I’m with the ugly oddballs, but even I cannot resist the Gosling magic. Especially not after a movie marathon that consisted of ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ followed by ‘Blue Valentine’ and then followed by ‘Drive’ a few days later in the cinema.

Don’t have a lot to say other than he’s got his heart on his sleeve. In tattoo form. Awww. And he really loves his dog. Awwww. And I like his style and his face.


  1. i think he looks like a sexy owl.

  2. Why the 2 shots of his pet wearing glasses without him..? Liking the dark beard in first pic too...

  3. Cause I lurve Gosling and beard! I lurve Gosling full stop:)