Monday, 28 May 2012

Things I've Learned from Drake's Twitter

Some important things I have learned from Drake’s Twitter. When love and social media combine...

To belittle is to be little.

We always ignore the ones who adore us, and adore the ones who ignore us.

If it's good, it's wonderful, if it's bad, it's regrets.

Same Bed. Different Dreams.

Don't go through life...grow through life.

Eminem = Greatness

Good is always a good thing.

Are you free when I'm free?

Accept that some days you're the pigeon and some days you're the statue.

Next time isn't really my thing.

Live without pretending, Love without depending, Listen without defending, Speak without offending.

Bad decisions...good intentions.

New Talent - Yungen

This is good. Really good. 

Friday, 25 May 2012

25 Things I’ve Learned In My 20s

Found this on Thought Catalog - pretty spot on.

You can’t date a jerk and expect to turn them into a good person. Jerks are fully committed to being unpleasant. Those brief moments of tenderness they give you are designed to trip you up and give you false hope. It’s best to stay away altogether.

The rumors are true: your metabolism does slow down as you get older! That means if you’re still eating whatever you want, there’s a good chance you’ll start to gain an awkward amount of weight. It won’t be too drastic but your clothes will start to hang differently on your body and you’ll feel an overall feeling of unattractiveness. Start to be conscious of what you eat and strive to live a healthier lifestyle if you want to get your teen body back. (Let’s be real though, that might not ever come back.)

You’re going to lose touch with a lot of your friends. With some people, it will be expected but with others it will feel like a punch to the stomach. No friendship is truly safe in your twenties. You’re undergoing so many personal and professional changes that there’s bound to be some casualties along the way. Don’t worry though. You’ll end up with the ones that matter. If someone’s no longer in your life, it’s for a reason

You’ll be jealous of everyone who’s more successful than you. That’s okay. Just transfer that jealousy into something productive, like working really hard so you can one day eclipse them and make them feel jealous of YOU

You’ll question every decision you make and never feel completely certain that you made the right choice. It’s pointless to wonder though. You’re here now so you might as well make it be the right decision

You’re going to give your heart to a few people who don’t deserve it. Then, one day you’ll come to your senses and ask them to give it back

You’ll see your parents get older. You’ll come home during Christmas break and see new lines developing on their faces. One day it’ll just hit you that your parents are old and going to die. There’s nothing you can do about it, besides treat them with kindness and visit as much as your budget permits

You’ll have a boss who makes you feel like you’re nothing. It doesn’t have to be in a Devil Wears Prada way. The cruelty can be much more subtle. Don’t let them get to you though. They have no idea who the hell you really are and you’re probably going to have their job someday so...

Doing drugs is fun until it’s not, until it starts affecting your life in negative ways and leaves you feeling guilty and wrecked. If that happens, you should stop doing them

You’re going to puke in public. It’s fine. No one cares. Just puke

You’ll know how to make twenty dollars last an entire week because you spent almost all of your paycheck on groceries at Whole Foods and drunk cab rides. This lesson in frugality will serve you well

You’re going to betray your convictions. You’re going to feel shame. You’re going to continue to put yourself in situations that aren’t good for you. And then, slowly but surely, it will become less frequent. It might not ever go away completely but it won’t be as bad. In the meantime, stop shame spiraling about it. It gets you nowhere

Loving yourself is hard. Hating yourself is harder

You’re going to hook up with someone who you would never touch in the daylight sober. Just don’t freak out too much about it. Consider it to be your good deed for the day

You’re going to have people in your life who are toxic. They may say that they love you, they may say that they have your back, but they don’t. Get rid of them

You’ll have moments with someone that are so intense, it’ll feel like you’ve been electrocuted back to life. You’ll hold on to these moments for a long time. They’ll give you hope when you’re going through the motions

You’ll always care about your first love. That doesn’t make you crazy, it just makes you human. When relationships end, it’s not so cut and dry. You carry everyone you’ve ever loved into every relationship thereafter

You’ll enter your twenties as a fashion disaster and (hopefully) leave them looking fantastic. If you don’t know how to put yourself together by then, I really don’t know what to tell you

You’ll realize that the Internet can be a cruel son of a bitch but, you know,

So much of what you think matters doesn’t actually matter at all. It’s kind of rude. Like, thanks for making me believe in things that are ultimately so inconsequential, you jerk

 You’ll treat someone terribly. Whether it to be a lover or your friend, there’ll be someone whose feelings you take for granted. We focus too much on whether or not someone is hurting us. The reality is that we might actually be the one who’s hurting someone

Doing “grown-up things” doesn’t make you a grown up. Shopping for housewares, buying a plant, embracing domesticity — these things don’t create maturity. If you’re still a baby who hasn’t figured things out, you’ll remain a baby, no matter how many times you pay your rent on time

Don’t force yourself into loving anyone. If it’s not working in the beginning, it’s probably not going to work ever

You are so lucky to have everything that you have. Stop crying about an unreturned text message and get some perspective

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Sunday, 13 May 2012


Pretty obsessed with a few things at the moment.

After absolutely bawling my eyes out during the series finale of 'Friday Night Lights' cannot get Bright Eyes 'Devil Town' out of my head. So good.

Pretty obsessed with Trail of Dead too. Always have been. 

Generally massively into the idea of chopping off all my hair again and rocking the Michelle Williams crop. In blonde too.

Pretty obsessed with the Wildfox colour inspiration Tumblr. So pretty.

Also massively into stylist and generally awesome human being Madeleine Ostlie's blog Seamless Fashion.

That's all.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Dr Noki

Little bit in love with Dr Noki. Interview taken from M&S Stories.

The final weekend of the M&S Shwop Lab is upon us and it’s certainly going to go out with a bang. Scottish artist and designer Dr Noki and his troop of nurses arrived bright and early on Saturday to start the first of two days of completely re-working a pile of vintage t-shirts.

They began by cutting the items into long thin strips, which were then collected into rapidly growing balls, ready to be used as yarn for Noki’s surprise garment which he’ll complete by day two of his session. Speaking to the man himself, his genuine belief and in re-using, and re-working clothing became clear. The t-shirts, which could well have found themselves in landfill, were now being used in a fresh way to create a completely new textile, or as he called it DNA-YARN: short for ‘Direct Noki Action.’

Noki also kindly brought two new items for display in the Lab. One a colourful, full-length playsuit  – which can be seen on page 201 of the current issue of Vogue – and the other a short top, worn by Jessie J when she appeared on the Jonathan Ross show earlier this month. This is exciting, not only for him as a designer of course, but also because it proves that sustainable style is rapidly becoming centre stage in the world of fashion.

“Hi there, I’m Dr NOKI, I’d just like to say a big  HALLO to the www, thank you for logging in and getting ON, reading and engaging with this very important project, where established industry and highly respected BRITISH high-street brand M&S and pioneering charity Oxfam, with a highly respected education body the London College of Fashion are sustaining  the creative Love… Many worlds are colliding and gliding the fashion slipstreams of change. Plan A is working. Design innovation is paramount over ALL in change…

Over the last 16 years building the Noki ideas, creating installations, being inspired by the mountains of throw-away textiles that mount up every day of our glorious sustainable lives, I pray to those mountains their climb is my inspiration, this is a massive change in a creative cultural Fashion  movement, and it’s coming from London, the heart of fashion the other worlds can only be inspired by and assimilate.

We spoke to Dr Noki and here’s what he had to say about Shwopping and the Shwop Lab:

The Lab they have created is the most glorious space, the perfect sustainable operating theatre in the heart of NOKI WORLD, SHOREDITCH EAST END of the FASHION WORLD. Dr Noki is a happy practitioner.”

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

117 Words

Manners don’t cost a thing.

I’m a firm believer in trying. You might fail but at least you won’t have regrets.

If you don’t know how to respond to something. A Rick Ross style ‘Huh?’ is always appropriate. Trust me.

Everything is embarrassing. Deal with it. Everyone gets embarrassed. Deal with it.

It’s not all about you. Most of the time.

NEVER double text. Or double invite. It makes you look super lame – fo realz.

People who know what they want are sexy.

All we have is our stories. Find someone who will listen. In a non-desperate way of course.

Surefire douche indicator. Sunglasses at night. Who does that?

Sincerity is the new irony. I mean it.