Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Crush of the Week - Ira Wolf Tuton

I know I have sworn off boys in bands, but this one I cannot resist. So let’s just ignore the fact that he plays bass in one of the best new bands around, shall we? I am introducing this new thing on my blog called ‘Boy Crush’ and this week it’s about Yeasayer’s bass-wielding hottie Ira Wolf Tuton. This is why he deserves to be the first ever boy crush on this blog.

I mean he is called Ira, nice and unusual name like say Addison, but then he manages to trump even that with his second name being Wolf, AMAZING.

Love how he only seems to have three items in his overall wardrobe and how he can work them so effortlessly. Jeans, wife-beater and boots - I salute you.

Love how he is not an ordinary beauty but he has that innately manly quality that makes me go all whoosh!!

Love it how he has a cheeky wonky smile.

Love it how he’s got the groove with the bass. Make me want his groove.

Love how he has the groove with the keyboard. Not many guys can pull off the keyboard, too.

Love the hair.

One word. ARMS. I mean look at them. Wow.

And finally look at him casually hanging out with Jigga! Double street creds for Ira.

Ira Wolf Tuton - You are the one! At least for now. Some eye-candy below.


  1. i am definitely with you on this one. his arms are amazing, he was a wicked smile, and he has the most glorious mop of hair i've ever seen (hope he grows it back!)

  2. I want him too. Desperately.