Monday, 20 September 2010

Crush of the Week - Kelly Cutrone

Hiya guys, I know I originally introduced this as 'boy crush' of the week, but how 'un-feminist' would that be? So the second crush of the week that I am officially introducing to you today is Kelly Cutrone. I adore Kelly, not only because her reality TV show is the best thing on TV, not only because her PR agency is one of the best on the planet, but also because she speaks her mind, she is strong and she doesn't give a fuck what other people might think about her and rightly so. She is a business woman and a mother. She is the epitome of the modern woman and I admire her. I collated this list of quotes which shows why Kelly Cutrone deserves to be the crush of the week, if not the crush of the year.

“If you have to cry, go outside.”

“If you’re sensitive and someone hurts your feelings, I don’t give a fuck. This is not group therapy.”

“This is why my charming personality makes things happen.”

“You can fake your way to the table, but ultimately you have to learn how to eat.”

“As you're saying hello to your dreams, you’re saying goodbye to everything you were programmed to do. “

“After all, you can't truly be happy if you've never known pain. You can't truly feel joy if you've never felt heartbreak. You can't know what it's like to be filled unless you've been empty.”

“So, the last guy that broke up with me was like, ‘You wanna know what? If you get your own TV show, you should call it Kell On Earth. Because that’s what it was like living with you.’ And I was like, ‘I really wanna cry, but I have to run upstairs and go trademark the name so I can get my own show on Bravo.’”

“I think that people hate women. And I don’t think they like powerful women, and I think it really goes back to Salem, I really do. I think it really goes back to this concept of, you know, hysterical coming from uterus. In Christianity, Mary gets pregnant on her own, she doesn’t even get fucked.”

Kelly - I salute you!

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