Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Cute Boys with Cats

I have fallen in love. Again. I have also found my online sanctuary. Cute Boys with Cats must be the best Tumblr out there. Ever. Even better than Cute Boys with Cupcakes

Below a selection of the cutest boys with the cutest cats. Love it. So much. 

Happy cute boy with not so happy cute cat. Look at the heart collar. Awwww.

Fit arty boy with fat cute cat. 

Cute blonde boy. Cute blonde cat. Double win. 

This one really knocks me out. 

Maaaaaan, what a combination. 

Even the dude from Interpol loves pussy.

Monday, 28 March 2011

173 Words.

If it feels right, say it. Sometimes you just gotta do it. Trust me.

Beauty is in an instant. True beauty lasts a bit longer than that.

I think you are great! I really do.

It's a big difference between things you remember, and things you can't forget.

You can only go out with someone who you constantly want to talk to and when you don't want to talk to them you want to snog their face off. Fuck the rest. Real talk.

Instincts are there for a reason. So you better listen to them.

Don’t be too easy. Don’t be too hard either. Especially not on yourself.

Think before you speak. I had to learn this the hard way and still haven’t fully mastered it yet. There is hope though. There is hope.

If he can deal with your silly shit and laughs at the crap you say, he’s a keeper. If he loathes the word ‘banter’, he isn’t. 

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Yellow Ostrich

So I think I have fallen in love. With this band called Yellow Ostrich. I had never heard about them before, sorry music nerds, but recently I came across their song 'Whale' and it's intensely beautiful. Yellow Ostrich's unique dark tribalesque beats and strong yet sensitive vocals really make them stand out from your usual boring guitar band. Below a selection of some of their amazing shit.

Covering the amazing Yeasayer and making a damn good job of it.

'Whale' - stunning.

'Mary' - errrrr marry me now.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Fashion Fix #36 - Red

Fashion Fix time. Red stuff. I love red. It's my favourite colour. It's strong and bold and fiery and bright. Here are some great red things I like. 

Thursday, 17 March 2011

He's Just Not That Into You!

Hiya guys, last night I had a revelation. Yes a full-on fucking revelation. 

The guy I like just doesn’t like me that much. I know it’s a harsh realisation but it’s also a majorly liberating one. Why think about him, if he doesn’t think about me?

I liked this guy for some time and I guess he knows that I like him cause I told him about 6474 times and I have asked him out and I made my intentions pretty clear. Basically I give a shit about him, he just doesn’t give a shit about me. However, now I don’t have to look for excuses anymore for his rejection. I don’t have to talk to my friends about his ‘mixed messages’ anymore. I don’t have to wait for his sporadically sent emails. None of that shit. And you know what it feels good and it’s okay, because boys would rather saw their own arm off than tell you they don't like you that much.

Anyway, in order to share my epiphany with you I came up with some clear signs that show he’s just not that into you. Yes like the film.

If he doesn’t ask you out, he’s just not that into you.
If he doesn’t wanna make out with you, he’s just not that into you.
If he doesn’t reply to your texts or to your emails, he’s just not that into you.
If he replies to your texts or your emails weeks later, he’s just not that into you.
If he is too busy, too poor, too ill, too emotionally-conflicted to hang out with you, he’s just not that into you.

 So pick yourself up girl cause when someone really likes you, you’ll know instantly.

When I was still living in Bristol, I met this guy in London and he literally stalked me for weeks. That shit shows that someone is into you. He wanted to cross the entire country for a first date even though we had only talked for 2 hours max. I thought that’s a bit creepy but that’s dedication, so finally I agreed on a ‘phone date’ with him. It was nice. We went on an actual date, it was nice.  It didn’t work out, cause I wasn’t that into him, but what I wanna illustrate with this little episode is that if he’s into you he’ll make the effort, he’ll go the extra mile and he’ll take the time. And don’t stick around for anything less than that.


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Different guys for different times.

Hiya blog lovers, today I’m writing about girls dating the boy’s way. Let me elaborate. Girls in particular tend to believe in the fairytale ending with ‘the one’. Firmly convinced that ‘the one’ is out there somewhere most girls sit and wait around, whereas I believe that boys just go with the flow. For them it’s all about timing. If the most beautiful and compatible girl comes along but they don’t want a relationship cause they are going through their ‘party phase’ or their ‘lone rebel phase’ or their ‘I don’t feel like talking phase’, there’s no way in. No way whatsoever. However, if they have been single for some time or if all their friends are getting loved up or if they are getting closer and closer to mid-life crisis, they start thinking about getting a girlfriend…and voila the next day the first halfway suitable girl that comes along will become the love of their life.  So basically I think that girls should become a bit more pragmatic in who they date, cause why wait for the whole package forever when you can have a little bit of it right now?

So I have come up with this list of different guys that are ideal dating material for different phases in life. Let’s be realistic about the L word.

First we have the rude boy. Now I love a rude boy, preferably from West London (or Lewisham), who’s into all the wrong music and who’s called something like Wayne. A rude boy is good for moments when you just wanna go to a club and dance to Little, errrrrr, Wayne or talk about how great Rihanna is. A rude boy will let you know that he “digs” you and there’s no pussyfooting around. No time for pussyfooting in the “ends”. A rude boy will always call you his “babe” or “honey” and he won’t have a problem with ordering chicken burgers at 2am either, on the contrary the burger man will be his best buddy. Please excuse my blatant stereotyping. I have a lot of love for the Waynes, Barringtons and Demarions of the world. Aighhhhhhhht blud!

Then we have the intellectual one. It’s advisable that you date this one when you’re in the final year at uni cause he can always help you with your essays on the history of the language imperialism in the 1890s and he’s also good as a human synonym dictionary for when your computer is broken. If you fancy an in-depth conversation about the repression under the Russian Tsarist system this guy is the jackpot.  However, after you’ve had your fill of intelligence and animated conversation, this one can become slightly irritating with his overemphasis on manners and rules instead of fun and frolics.  No I don’t always wanna talk about the suffragette movement and cite Nietzsche but sometimes I just wanna talk about Jason DeRulo and cite The Simpsons.  And not feel guilty or stupid about it.

Thirdly, we have Mister Nice Guy. Every girl has a Mister Nice Guy in her life. It’s the guy you meet straight after you’ve broken up with ‘the one’ who wasn’t the one. It’s the guy that cheers you up and tells you you’re beautiful and that ‘the one’ was a bellend. It’s the one that you don’t really fancy but that you wish you would. It’s the one your parents want you to marry.  But it’s also the one that you know you’ll never marry cause there’s no fire only friendship, no spark only comradeship.

In opposition to Mister Nice Guy there’s the mean guy. Girls love bastards, cause they think it’s a challenge to turn them into nice guys. Girls think they will take care of the mean guy and fix his issues. Girls are wrong. The arsehole enjoys his power and won’t ever change his ways to please a girl, he’s way too up himself to do that. The arsehole will play games and he’ll enjoy driving you nuts by being illusive. Girls go crazy for that shit. Only date the mean guy if you wanna be put off of guys for some time or if you enjoy humiliation.

So that’s it - different guys for different times. Ultimately, I think you’ll need a little bit of all of them. A little bit of Wayne’s laid-back spaced-out chicken-loving uncomplicated persona, spiced with some good conversation about important shit with the smart one, and some selfless loving from the nice one with the occasional challenging fiery love-hate of mister mean.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Body Language - Bloody Language

Boom Town. Hello blog lovers. Recently I haven’t written particularly funny things, it was all deep emotional shit, so I thought it might be a good idea to get back to having a little laugh. Initially I wanted to write about different shades of nail varnish and what they express about you, but that’s a bit too obscure for anybody other than myself to understand, so instead I’m writing about body language secrets because that shit tells you more than words ever could. 

I mean I have written about the crucial knee-touching technique before, which is still valid. Go on, touch knees, touch hearts. But there are so many more signals that can indicate whether you’re on the road to romance or ruin.

There is the smile versus grin thing. If he uses a relaxed, slightly mischievous smile it means that he’s probably into you. It’s the level of cheekiness that indicates how much. If he gives it his most flirty “Do you want cookies?” Boy Scout smile then he likes you. If he gives it his shy, blushing smile, then he really likes you. If he coyly smiles at you and then looks away, his head is about to explode with how much he likes you. If he gives you a self-involved angular grin without meeting your eyes, then he likes himself more than he likes you. So remember a little smile can go a long way.

Then there is hugging. I know hugging in general is friendly but there are fine nuances that indicate just how ‘friendly’ it can be. There is petting versus stroking. Now I personally hate a petting hug, cause I’m not your bloody dog. Petting means that he likes you as a friend or that he doesn’t know hugging conventions. Meh. Stroking is in a whole different league. A slight stroke on the back whilst hugging indicates closeness. In simple terms, petting is friendly, stroking is loving.

Finally we have mirroring. Mirroring is immense and people say that if he mirrors your gestures, he’s into you. Sooooooooooo….If you tilt your head and he tilts his head, that’s good. If you touch your arm and he touches his arm, that’s good. If you pick your nose and he picks his nose, that’s not so good.

Hope I was of help! Laters. Linda x

Saturday, 5 March 2011

The Saddest Songs according to Linda

I was sad quite a lot this week. And sometimes it's best to embrace that feeling and listen to sad songs that comfort and console. Here are the best ones.

Fucking hell man, I wish I could write songs like Adele. Stunning. Stunningly sad.


I don't condone that whole Scientology shit, but this song is one-of-a-kind perfect.

Gets me every single time.

No single song describes the disillusionment of falling out of love as perfectly as this one. 

I know Perfume Genius might come across like a right whingey art twat, but behind that facade there is so much beauty. So much.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Jason DeRulo

Last night I went to see Jason DeRulo. Live In Concert. Yes. Now you’re gonna say WTF? But what started as an ironic kinda love has turned into a full-on love affair on the verge of obsession. Jason is just doing it for me – I cannot help it.

So I thought what better way to celebrate his amazingess than come up with a list of all things I love about Jason. And there are a few, let me tell you!

This post is dedicated to someone ace who got me tickets.

He has lyrics like that: “Told me to get my shit together, now I got my shit together” – that’s empowerment on a whole new level. Thanks Jason.

He sings his own name. Multiple Times. And he loves it. And people love it. 

He can dance like the devil. In a good way. 

Tunes. Killer.

Outfits. Killer.