Monday, 14 March 2011

Body Language - Bloody Language

Boom Town. Hello blog lovers. Recently I haven’t written particularly funny things, it was all deep emotional shit, so I thought it might be a good idea to get back to having a little laugh. Initially I wanted to write about different shades of nail varnish and what they express about you, but that’s a bit too obscure for anybody other than myself to understand, so instead I’m writing about body language secrets because that shit tells you more than words ever could. 

I mean I have written about the crucial knee-touching technique before, which is still valid. Go on, touch knees, touch hearts. But there are so many more signals that can indicate whether you’re on the road to romance or ruin.

There is the smile versus grin thing. If he uses a relaxed, slightly mischievous smile it means that he’s probably into you. It’s the level of cheekiness that indicates how much. If he gives it his most flirty “Do you want cookies?” Boy Scout smile then he likes you. If he gives it his shy, blushing smile, then he really likes you. If he coyly smiles at you and then looks away, his head is about to explode with how much he likes you. If he gives you a self-involved angular grin without meeting your eyes, then he likes himself more than he likes you. So remember a little smile can go a long way.

Then there is hugging. I know hugging in general is friendly but there are fine nuances that indicate just how ‘friendly’ it can be. There is petting versus stroking. Now I personally hate a petting hug, cause I’m not your bloody dog. Petting means that he likes you as a friend or that he doesn’t know hugging conventions. Meh. Stroking is in a whole different league. A slight stroke on the back whilst hugging indicates closeness. In simple terms, petting is friendly, stroking is loving.

Finally we have mirroring. Mirroring is immense and people say that if he mirrors your gestures, he’s into you. Sooooooooooo….If you tilt your head and he tilts his head, that’s good. If you touch your arm and he touches his arm, that’s good. If you pick your nose and he picks his nose, that’s not so good.

Hope I was of help! Laters. Linda x

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