Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Sometimes I wish...

Hi lovers, I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes I wish people were different. And by people I mean boys, you know the deal.

You know, I mean I do like people (most of the time) but sometimes I get the feeling that the older people get, the more they are slowly becoming a pastiche of some collected data of how to behave, how to dress and how to feel. That sucks.

I want uproar and excitement and passion and creativity and emotion. So today’s post is about what I wish people would do instead of what they actually do, cause let’s face it fiction is so much more thrilling than reality.

Sometimes I wish boys would talk about knitting with passion and vigour, not irony. Sometimes I wish boys would knit nice things for me.

Sometimes I wish boys would worry about the size of their thighs.

Sometimes I wish boys would write interesting blogs about love and sex.

Sometimes I wish boys would chat to their mates about girls in a sincere, not in a boastful way.

Sometimes I wish that boys would get properly obsessed with stuff and I don’t mean obsessed with Star Wars, Transformers, football or nudity, but obsessed with R’n’B, busses, socks, hair (not their own), stuff like that.

Sometimes I wish boys would not be scared and put-off by strong and independent women.

Sometimes I wish boys would not just roll their eyes when we tell them about Sex and the City.

Sometimes I wish boys wouldn’t be afraid to talk about their feelings without the fear to be emasculated.

Sometimes I wish boys would not freak out when we cry but cry with us.

Sometimes I wish boys would quote Maccabees’ song lyrics - “She’s got her suspicions, romantic intuition.”

Right, enough of my whinging, I shall be hitting you up with funny stuff again soon!

Laters lovers x

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Best of LOL Cats


Today it's time for the cutest post ever. On a day when Limp Bizkit and Guns and Roses are set to headline Reading and Leeds, I reckon we all need a bit of perspective and positivity in our lives. So I thought what could be better than posting a selction of LOL cats on here? You know you love it!









No lovers I haven't lost my mind. Yet!

Laters x

Monday, 29 March 2010

some totally harmless, unscary thoughts.

Hi lovers, how are you this Monday morning?

On the weekend I was told that my blog is scary. Boom. So today I might try and be less scary and a bit more light-hearted and funnier (as if that was even possible, I mean duh!)

Anyway, I am thinking it’s time for some Linda-style advice on how to improve your life and you know you need it. Yes you!

So here we go:

Always choose a leather jacket over a denim jacket. Unless you are wearing leather trousers that is.

Never wear leather trousers. Wrong.

Don’t be a Topshop carbon copy. Be more inventive than that!

All you need to do is smile and smell good. At least that’s what my friend’s dad tells me.

Listen to Vivian Girls or Dum Dum Girls. Also listen to Spice Girls. Girls are a bit boring though.

A little gift can go a long way.

Find out who your real friends are and put them on top of your priorities list.

Chill out more and learn to forgive. It makes life better for you and for people around you.

Sleep a lot and dream a lot.

Stop smoking, it’s the devil.

Also see below, this pretty much says it all. Don't be greedy.

Laters lovers x

Friday, 26 March 2010

Fashion Fix #4

Morning lovers, it's fashion fix day and I won't "waffle on" for long, so here are the pieces that loook hot!

P.S. There will be a blog post about how boys 'talk' but girls 'waffle' soon which will address the potent preconception that girls tend to 'rabbit on' just because they are capable of expressing themselves more elaborately and emotianally rather than just in grunts...whatever guys!

Here is fashion fix number 4. Enjoy!

Laters, Linda x

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Girl Crushes

Hi lovers I am back and today I will be hitting you up with girls. Yes you got it right. GIRLS! Not talking about boys, cause sisters gotta stick together sometimes you know. I love it when girls spontaneously compliment other girls on their shoes/dress/face instead of bitching behind her back out of jealousy. I love it when girls talk about boys, cause they are the only ones who get it. I love when girls watch 'The Hills' together. I love when girls share their clothes. I love it when girls share their thoughts. I love it to have girls to look up to.

So today’s post is an ode to girls I have a slight girl crush on. All of them are very different and I admire all of them for different reasons. Composure, Boldness, Beauty, Intelligence, Wisdom, Character, Honesty, Style, Hair, Independence, Talent, Wit and Humour. Girls are ace.

Chloe Sevigny

Natalie Portman

Whitney Port (sorry but I have a soft spot for the Whit)

Karley Sciortino (amazing blog)

Lara Stone

Karen O

Anna Brewster

Alexis Bledel

Charlotte Roche

Christina Ricci

Atlanta De Cadenet

Friday, 19 March 2010

Fashion Fix #3

Morning lovers. It's Friday, it's time for your weekly fashion fix. Here are some kewl tings....

Laters lovers. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Teeth / Is Tropical / New Young Pony Club

Hi lovers, how is life?

Here is a little review I did for Gigwise for the Thekla gig of New Young Pony Club with Teeth and Is Tropical as support. Enjoy.

With New Young Pony Club rising from the ashes of ‘New Rave’ and London’s squat-scuzz trio Is Tropical rising to fame fast an evening of musical variety seems to be guaranteed. Is Tropical are rapidly becoming everybody’s new favourite band and judged by their tight performance at Bristol’s Thekla as support to NYPC, that hype appears perfectly justified. But let’s start at the beginning.

First on are Teeth. Teeth are a Hackney hipster band, yes another one of those, who list their manifold influences as ranging from Suicide and Throbbing Gristle to, ermmm, Aqua. This, shall we call it musical confusion, is reflected in their songs. They have one guy man-handling his laptop, a minute girl screaming her lungs out and a drummer, who pounds the shit out of those poor skins. However, even though the ingredients might sound intriguing, the final product is more than disappointing. An incoherent mish-mash of static beats, distorted noise and indecipherable squealing. Arty? Maybe. Annoying? Definitely.

Is Tropical are on next and they more than make up for the underwhelming opening performance. Is Tropical launch straight into an unpolished onslaught of jingly guitars and beats that are equally soaked in summer vibes and warehouse rave memories. Bass-heavy raw pop and exceptionally dynamic melodies make Is Tropical a spectacle to listen to. Their refreshingly inventive chirpy freak-pop showcases the vitality of a brasher and bolder Metronomy paired with The Coral and some very loopy noisy post-punk band.

Is Tropical aren’t afraid to mix things up a bit with ridiculously playful lo-fi, obscurely Tetris-sounding tunes and reverb-heavy hissed out/blissed out vocals, they demonstrate their unique brand of unstrung, fuzz layered power-pop. Demos ‘I’ll Take My Chances’ and ‘Seasick Mutiny’ are gems in the rough but it’s first single ‘When Oh When’ that really shows that Is Tropical have it all: the playful obscurity of art-pop, the brazenness of noise, the deliberate nostalgia of sea shanties and the futuristically accurate beats of a Timbaland production.

New Young Pony Club’s contemporary potpourri of electronic bleeps and syncopated off-beat drumming is very polished and thus stands in stark contrast to the two preceding bands. NYPC’s electro-pop has definitely infiltrated darker musical spheres. Where there used to be fluorescent high-powered saccharine beats, there is now a more mature sound that makes the party-animal filth-falsetto of their early days seem like the product of another band completely.

Singer Tahita Bulmer still prances around on stage like the love-child of Beyonce and Alice Dellal. She still has charisma and presence but thankfully the ear-numbing high-pitched ravey sounds of their hit ‘Ice Cream’ have been replaced by more detached soundscapes. Overall, it’s a solid performance but one that doesn’t thrill too much. Tracks from the follow-up album remind more of the dark dance depths of SBTRKT rather than of the fun-funk interludes of their first album. Even though New Young Pony Club seem to have all the right to call their second album ‘The Optimist’.

Laters Lovers x

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The safe date

Hi lovers, I have been off topic for some time now. I do apologise. I mean there is only so much you can say about boys, right? WRONG! There is always more. So today I would like to explore the infinite possibilities of ‘safe dates’.

A safe date is basically a date with someone you are not completely sure about. You know you don’t really fancy him to start off with, but you think you might depending on the level of drunkenness, comfort and compliments.

It’s like that after-work date that with a colleague, who always fixes your computer because he fancies the shit outta you and just wants to talk to you. Who likes you but who you don’t like. It’s like finding comfort in going out with someone who is a 4 when you are a 7. It’s like going on a date with an elementary school teacher who is really boring but who makes you feel like you have the most exciting life ever. It’s a bit mean really, but you never know what happens right? After all she is going out with him.

So anyway, back to the topic at hand. Let’s fantasise about the perfect safe date. This is how it should be.

Your safe date meets you somewhere in the city. He looks much better than you remember. He is nice and laid-back but also interested and keen enough. Not so keen it scares you, just the right kind of keen to make you feel desired. He takes you to a lovely restaurant (in a cab, not the tube or bus). He has reserved a nice quiet table at the back. He realises that you look a bit uncomfortable in this posh environment and asks if you like it. You lie and say it’s okay. He senses you hate it and says “Fuck this, let’s go to KFC.” You go to KFC, which is conveniently enough just around the corner. You have best Zinger Meal of your life. He doesn’t mind watching you eat. Then you go to the pub around the corner and talk about life and love and disappointment for ever. You sort of get pissed, but not that utterly and totally inebriated kind of pissed but the nice warm kind of wasted. It’s perfect. He doesn’t try it on and just takes you to your home. He is a gentleman. He gives you a goodnight kiss (on the cheek) and then takes your number. He says he wants to meet you again tomorrow to go to the zoo or to the countryside or to Lewisham. He says he hopes he doesn’t come across too keen. You smile.

Whatever guys just go for it. Maybe it ’s good. Maybe it’s better than waiting for ‘Mr. Right’ for the rest of your life. I wouldn’t know. Ha!

Laters lovers x

Friday, 12 March 2010

Pokemon, free booze and being a Vice whore

Hi lovers, today I’m going to be Vice’s whore. There could be worse. I could be writing for the NME.

So Vice are having this art exhibition/party with Pokemon. Sounds weird? Sounds good? Nintendo, who are putting out a new Pokemon game asked a bunch of semi-famous artists to create Pokemon-themed art for this purpose and this mega-LOLZ-free party is the place to see that art…and more importantly to bag some free booze.

The event is going to have Filthy Dukes, Friendly Fires and Real Gold DJs and, did I mention it already, free booze.

The exhibition opens with a big launch party on the 24th March, full of Pokemon inspired food and, hmmmm did I mention it already, lots of free booze. The event will be guestlist only, attended by members of the press, select tastemakers from the Vice network, and competition winners. Go to to see the work, find out more about the campaign and enter the competition.

You know you want to.

And some pictures of the Pokemon art. Deep.