Friday, 5 March 2010

Skater Boys and loads of other random rambling.

Hi lovers, I think I started writing this post a few months ago and then I forgot about it and now I just found it again. Why I never posted it, I don’t know, cause obvs all my writing is totally fabulous.

It goes a little like this:

We all know (now) that ‘New Moon’ was shite. Why is that, you’re asking?

Well, kids, let me say it bluntly, it sucks because the ingenious Catherine Hardwicke didn’t direct it. Instead they gave the job to that dumbass, who also directed the ‘Golden Compass’, I mean, come on, don’t be silly.

Anyway, today’s post does not concern the underwhelming performance of ‘New Moon’ but instead today’s post concerns the overwhelming quality of Hardwicke-directed film ‘Lords of Dogtown’.

Sidebar: ‘New Moon’ was shite because of a few reasons:

1. the slow motion undressing scenes – cringe

2. R-Pattz smudged male lipstick

3. the never-changing facial expressions

4. the shit soundtrack

5. the horrid CGI sequences

6. the nonsensical structure of the movie…..I mean even the teenage girls in the cinema burst out laughing and that surely meant something!

Anyway, rant over. In addition to ‘Lords of Dogtown’ I also wanna expand a bit on why skater boys are hot….who would have guessed, eh?

Okay so ‘Lords of Dogtown’ was epic. It had all the ingredients a good movie needs: friendship, drama, love, infatuation, jealousy, toplessness, curly hair, good shoes and ermm did I mention drama? On top of that it also had some of the hottest actors/wannabe skaters in it, which is always a good thing. See photos below. I loved the atmosphere of the film, its warmth and its colours. I also love the undercurrent of menace radiating from Heath Ledger. This was surely one of his finest roles as a drug-riddled loner, who dreams big but lives small.

If you have never see ‘Lords of Dogtown’ you should deffo check it out!!

Okay and whilst we’re at it, why not chat about how skateboarders have it all. It’s not only the most laid-back easy-going kind of sport, apart from chess that is, but it’s also connected to an interesting scene that links up culture, music and lifestyle. Talking skater-boys means:

sunshine + L.A. + Vans + rockhard abs + listening to Suicidal Tendencies all day long = pure bliss.

Fantastic. In order to underline my point please check out the photos below and please appreciate the youthful vigour and incredible style those skater boys exude.

And then when you’re in your thirties you don’t have to stop skating, just take your board to the office like my future husband here does:

Laters Lovers x

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  1. They look like they should be in Hansun ;)