Monday, 29 March 2010

some totally harmless, unscary thoughts.

Hi lovers, how are you this Monday morning?

On the weekend I was told that my blog is scary. Boom. So today I might try and be less scary and a bit more light-hearted and funnier (as if that was even possible, I mean duh!)

Anyway, I am thinking it’s time for some Linda-style advice on how to improve your life and you know you need it. Yes you!

So here we go:

Always choose a leather jacket over a denim jacket. Unless you are wearing leather trousers that is.

Never wear leather trousers. Wrong.

Don’t be a Topshop carbon copy. Be more inventive than that!

All you need to do is smile and smell good. At least that’s what my friend’s dad tells me.

Listen to Vivian Girls or Dum Dum Girls. Also listen to Spice Girls. Girls are a bit boring though.

A little gift can go a long way.

Find out who your real friends are and put them on top of your priorities list.

Chill out more and learn to forgive. It makes life better for you and for people around you.

Sleep a lot and dream a lot.

Stop smoking, it’s the devil.

Also see below, this pretty much says it all. Don't be greedy.

Laters lovers x

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  1. I want to pick all three!!! Not fair.