Friday, 28 May 2010

Fashion Fix #12 The Prince of Bel Air Special

Morning guys, it's Fashion Fix time again. Today I have gone all retro and will be discussing the 90s hit that is the 'Fresh Price of Bel Air'. Thier style is ace. Colourful, strangely put together, oversized and frivolous in a good way. Check this shit out.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

148 Words

Sometimes bros just need to do bro things. Leave them be, girls!

If you're playing on the swings, you can’t be in the sand pit.

Next-level Google stalking is NEVER the way forward. Don’t even think about it!

If you meet someone who is into Brewer’s Dictionary, trees and music and who uses the word ‘barnacled’ as if it’s nothing uncommon, he’s a keeper for sure.

Being humble is the new black.

If you ask me Kele solo is much better than that damn Bloke Party band.

If you don’t know, don’t bullshit.

If you don’t know, go and find out.

There are only two types of people. The ones that feel good about making you feel good and the ones that feel good about making themselves feel good. The latter = complete waste of your time. You’re better than that.

Listen to your mum. She knows!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Idolising People

Hiya beloved readers, today I would like to write about something that I think girls are very prone to doing. Idolising people.

I was prompted to write this post because the other day I met someone, that I actually never wanted to meet, simply because I adored him too much. Does that sound contradictory? Yes? Well, doh, that’s because it is, but you know sometimes you just love the IDEA of someone so much that you don’t want to ruin it with the actual REALITY of that person. It’s this weird thing that ‘we’ do (and by ‘we’ I hope I‘m not exclusively talking about me, if ya get me).

Loving someone (an artist, an actor, a singer, a wrestler, Heidi from The Hills (NOT), whatever other strange things you might be into) soo much, that it scares you to meet them because they are bloody likely to not be soooo perfect, so God-like, in real life. They could only let you down and deflate your expectations, right?

However, then I thought to myself that I really have to get over these teenage fantasies and grab reality by the balls. And grab I did, I can tell you. Guess what happened?

It wasn’t a let-down. It was pleasant and enlightening and inspiring and refreshing and normal even. So I have come to the conclusion, that, yes, fanstasing about someone is okay, but making that fantasy a reality is actually much more gratifying. I mean who would choose the prefect picture of a chocolate cake, over a real chocolate cake? Eh? Eh??

What’s the point of living in a world filled with unrealistic expectations, I ask you? Just go out and meet people and don’t have expectations, either negative or positive. Take things at face value and don’t over-analyse. And in order to do that, just follow these three simple steps that are anti-idolisation.

If you can feel that warm and mushy glowing feeling of idolisation coming on, think about what your idol would look like wearing Christian Audigier. Idolisation rape, that’s what that is! Totes works, right?

If you think the guy/girl you idolise so much is the most mysterious person ever, you have to get a reality check and really go talk to them. If they then say their obsession is Tinie Tempah, your obsession will be over like boom.

How can you really idolise somehow who’s main ambition is to become a fig farmer, I ask you? Be realistic about your idol’s ticks. But don’t next-level Google stalk them.

Laters lovers x

Monday, 24 May 2010

Johnny Flynn for Gigwise

Hi guys here's a review feature I did for Gigwise about the absolutely magnificent Johnny Flynn. This is why he's special. Enjoy.

Johnny Flynn might be new folk’s corduroy-clad posterboy, but he is by no means style over substance. With an emotion and tremor in his voice that could move even the most lethargic of hearts, Johnny is the antithesis of the boisterous rock star.

Meeting a humble and extremely well-spoken artist, Gigwise get the impression that Johnny is wise beyond his years. Choosing to conduct the interview in the picturesque setting of Bristol harbour, Johnny, who is a self-proclaimed ‘nature’s boy’, thrives on this kind of surrounding and when quizzed about what inspires him, he wistfully replies that he “tries to stay open to things to the point where anything becomes inspiring, working to stay responsive and present enough so that everything can be stimulating.”

This variety of inspiration is adequately translated to second album ‘Been Listening’ which discusses topics ranging from nature, betrayal, sail boats, the change of seasons, religion and hope. Now this might all sound a bit hippy-dippy, but don’t get the wrong idea, Johnny has his head screwed on the right way.

He knows that fame is fleeting, but he also “worked hard to get to his privileged position”, which hasn’t always been an easy ride. Having been snubbed for being an ex-Winchester College posh boy by certain new musical publications, Johnny says “he doesn’t mind being criticised for his music or his skills on the guitar” but what really bothers him is if “people attack [his] upbringing, cause that doesn’t have anything do to with anything.”

Moving on swiftly to a more pleasant topic, Gigwise ask Johnny about what he has been listening to recently and soon enough his eyes light up and a fountain of words gushes out. He currently loves “tonight’s supporting band Dry the River”. He’s also into “singer Anna Calvi, who is just great.” Moreover, he adores “music from Peru and old jazz recordings.” He says that his “favourite song is Sam Cooke’s ‘A Change Is Gonna Come”. Johnny then goes off into a lovingly elaborate 20-minute tangent about how all this music is amazing and how he recently got hold of this field recording of Kenyan village girls, who found this ’78 Kenny Rogers recording and who couldn’t believe that these sounds were made by a human-being and thought it’s a centaur. Johnny plainly loves stories about the power of music, because they simply reflect what it’s all about for him, too.

Being an actor and painter on the side, Johnny Flynn states that he finds “drawing cathartic and meditative.” Being a multi-talented artist, he then goes on to say that his biggest musical weakness is that he “cannot discipline himself to practise enough and to master improvising on the trumpet” Gigwise modestly suggests that he’s already mastered playing the guitar, violin and banjo, but that’s simply not good enough for Johnny. Always ready to excel, he finds that he “plays a lot of instruments but that his skills are limited.” Giswise, however, believe that his skills are absolutely remarkable already.

When Gigwise catch up with Johnny again later, we find him perched on the low stage of Bristol’s Thekla blasting the first few chords of next single ‘Barnacled Warship’. It’s a magical moment that sees Johnny put his all into his music. Traditional violin harmonies mix with Johnny’s soulful voice and explosive Americana-style drumming. Next, Johnny displays a tender and utterly convincing rendition of ‘Lost and Found’ from the new album, which he dedicates to his mum. See no rock start pretensions there.

It is exactly his unaffected and pure character that should make Johnny Flynn the icon of a new folk movement currently spearheaded by the likes of Laura Marling and Mumford and Sons. Immersing himself so completely in traditional American blues and English folk music on the first album, Flynn expands his horizon to more dissonant song structures on follow-up ‘Been Listening’, which is partly due to the fact that he now plays with the drummer of Jeffrey Lewis Band fame.

Being a life-long fan of Jeffrey Lewis Band and a dedicated follower of Langhorne Slim’s guitar wizardry, Johnny states that he “is simply blown away by their talent” and that attending their gigs “was the happiest he has ever been.“

Well for some it’s Langhorne Slim, but tonight it certainly is all about Johnny Flynn’s magically engaging lyrics and his moving, almost celebratory vocal delivery. ‘Been Listening’ should really propel him into folk-fame heaven, but if music doesn’t work out, Johnny’s already got a plan B. He tells Gigwise that he fantasises about “owning a farm, doing loads of gardening and growing fig trees and plum trees to make jam.” Hippy? Maybe. Happy? Definitely.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Fashion Fix #11

Morning lovers, welcome to this week’s Fashion Fix and sorry that I missed last week’s one. I’m sure you survived it though.

This week I like everything that’s colourful (as usual), everything that looks fragile and tender (as usual) and everything that is either stripy or checked (as usual). So there ya go. I took most inspiration/photos from Need Supply, Opening Ceremony and Modcloth.

Linda x

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Art of Writing a Love Letter

Morning lovers, it’s time for one of those coherent blog posts, I reckon. I have been going off into bla bla land way too often recently. Today I would like to share my infinite wisdom on how to write love letters. Now you are gonna say: What? Love letters? We live in the digital age, come on girl. But then I believe that a bit retro written love letter action can unlock many hearts. Especially those of the female variety.

So what do you need to write a love letter? Pen. Check. Paper. Check. Infatuation bordering on obsession. Check.

So once you got over how old-fashioned writing letters is, you can actually indulge in some slightly over-the-top but sincere revelation of pure emotion. Great, innit?

The good (or bad) thing about writing letters is that you can say whatever you want without having to consider the other persons reactions/feelings/shock/laughter. It’s liberating, you should try it. So here a few tips on the art of writing love letters.

Don’t be too scary straight away, so maybe start off with some conversational chatter, like “Hi [name] how are you? Recently, I have been thinking about that one time we went to Disneyworld together…” It will make him reminisce about how much fun you are to be with, consequently warm and mushy feelings start to emerge. Now capitalise on them. Talk about how amazing you are and what a great catch you’d be, but don’t be arrogant.

It’s always good to quote some really emotional song lyrics that you know he/she loves to bits. Gets you in there straight away because not only do you say something super romantic but you also say it in the words of his/her fave artists. It shows that you know and that you care. If he/she likes 30 Seconds to Mars, ditch the quoting.

If you really wanna go old-skool, quote some metaphysical poetry from John Donne, which will warm even the most intellectual of hearts.

It is also crucial to be nice. A little flattery can go a long way, so instead of saying “I quite like your jeans” say “I really admire your sense of style”. Similarly, if he/she is a cat lover (which, let’s face it, any good and love-letter-worthy-person better be) then compliment him/her on his/her cat. But don’t say “I love your pussy”.

Be jokey, but don’t be jovial. Be cute but don’t be too saccharine. It’s all about finding the right balance between keeping a little bit of mystery and revealing just enough to intrigue him/her even more. If you make him/her laugh, you’re halfway there anyway. So be quirky all the way. No ‘knock knock’ jokes though.

Now the MOST crucial thing. The xs. I know boys don’t give a shit about how many xs you make at the end of a message/letter, but girls do consider their meaning and value, trust me. So one x means “I kinda like you, but I’m not completely sure yet”. Two xs means “Fuck I really like you but I don’t wanna seem too keen”. Three xs either means “I’m actually over what xs mean” or “Let’s get married”. Now the most complicated version of xs the Gossip Girl style xoxo. Personally, I’m not a big fan of this version, cause it’s too cuddly and not brimming with desire, the xoxo is for friends, the x is for lovers.

Get writing people!

Linda x (“I kinda like you, but I’m not completely sure yet.”) Ha!!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Waddle Waddle Plop Plop

Hiya beloved readers, sorry for the late post today, couldn’t do my usual early bird blogging! Also sorry for the title, couldn't think of a good one. Well anyway, here are 50% Linda brain-dump and 50% just purely ingenious advice. You know you need those kind words in your life. Enjoy.

To start off with a right highlight. TUNE!

Every time you miss him, just look at his fat kid photos and thank God you don’t have to cope with the fat bullied kid inside of the slim guy.

If he’s a ‘My Way or the Highway’ kind of guy, you might as well just take the highway. Better option.

If he says he likes Trip-Hop, just turn around and walk away.

If he says he likes Triple-Hop-Blues-Rave, you might as well stay for another five and figure out what the fuck he is on about.

If he can get wood... and build a chair with it, he’s a keeper fo’ sho’.

I don’t know how it is with you, but I’d totes appreciate it if guys could not be ‘playas’ but would simply become gentleman.

If you’re going on a speed-date make sure you always talk to the most desperate looking person first. Can’t really go downhill from there, I reckon.

Don’t go speed-dating. It’s just sad.

As for style advice from good ole Linda, don’t sparkle like a disco ball, shine like a diamond. Fuck me, tackiest line ever.

That’s it for now, hope you enjoyed. See you laters!

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Shy Guy

Morning lovers, today I feel inclined to write about shy guys, cause I believe there are quite a lot of them out there. Maybe more than we think. They are everywhere really. Looking cool, but shy. Looking hot, but shy. Doing great stuff, but shy. I mean I do love an introvert boy really, but I also love a guy who mans up and takes the lead. It’s the old role model, isn’t it? A guy has to chat up the girl, a guy has to ask her out and he has to buy her drinks, but when faced with a shy guy, that might becomes a slight problem!

You can only do so much as a girl and at some point the chasing becomes solely guy’s territory, n’est ce pas?? Well today I would like to discuss this. How far can you take shyness? More importantly how far can you take things with a shy guy? What are clear indications that someone is only shy and hence seems a bit too aloof? Ohh this conversation could go on endlessly…

Okay so if a boy giggles like a little girl the entire time you’re chatting to him and what you’re saying isn’t even that funny, then he’s mega shy. Apparently, giggling=nervousness=he likes you!! Not very manly though.

If a guy is only looking at his shoes during the first hour of the date and you are thinking “WTF? Do I have something embarrassing in my face?” he’s mega shy and quite simply would blush too much if he was looking at you directly. And heaven forbid that all these cool indie boys blush, EVER!

If a guy is fidgeting the entire time you’re talking to him, which by the way annoys pretty much every girl, he’s just nervous. Give him a break.

If a guy has the biggest fringe you have ever seen, don’t worry. He isn’t necessarily a fashionista, he’s just hiding behind his hair. It’s his security blanket. Bless.

If a guy comes across all unapproachable and standoffish, he might just be shy. Don’t give up girl, go work the magic. You will only really find out what he’s all about if you talk to him, and then if he giggles like a little girl, kaboom!

Now go out and impress those shy guys!

Laters lovers x

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Cobrasnake

Morning lovers, I can feel that this week is gonna be photo-heavy. So I'd like to start with some of my favourite photos from the brilliant website The Cobrasnake. I love browsing The Cobrasnake just because it exudes that certain LA flair brimming with sunshine, slacking, tanned pretty people, cool skateboarders, cool bands, cool models, everything cool and not-so-cool VIP parties.

It's all very nihilistic and voyeuristic but these photos just have that je ne sais quoi...check out my favourite ones!

Friday, 7 May 2010

Girlfriend Material

Morning lovers, how are you today?

The other day, I deliberated what it means to be girlfriend material. I also deliberated what it means to be classed as non-girlfriend material and I thought about the kind of person who would judge things that simplistically. Let’s get into it then.

Defining a girl as either being girlfriend material or as one-night-stand material, as that’s the natural opposite, I suppose, is not only terribly presumptuous but also mostly done by guys who are covering their insecurity by over-the-top self-assurance.

Let’s get this straight. Naturally you will have a leaning towards wanting to be WITH a girl or merely wanting a girl, but judging that in such a one-dimensional way really doesn’t shed good light on you.

Anyone that says a girl in non-girlfriend material is either very judgemental and hasn’t bothered to get to know the girl properly, or is actually just not looking for a girlfriend themselves and using that as an excuse. Then again, some men and women project an image via their clothes, the way they hold themselves etc that isn’t a true representation of themselves but because we meet so many different people over the course of our day/week/month we jump to conclusions without getting to know them and label people to save time. Things just aren’t that clear-cut. Things are complicated and maybe it would be better to take some time to really consider all sides of the coin (for God’s sake there are only two of them) rather than jumping the gun.

Let’s presume you only had one date with the not-girlfriend-material-girl in question and she was funny and talkative and cute and everything you thought you wanted. So first-class girlfriend material then, right?

However, she also didn’t hide her little quirks, insecurities or past disappointments. Not so much girlfriend material anymore? How is that possible please? Obviously everybody has issues and the sooner you discover them the better, right? Maybe not. If somebody is so narrow-minded to look for the perfect girl on the first date, that girl who can easily be classed as girlfriend material, who doesn’t have any emotional baggage, or a belly, or wonky teeth or trust issues, let me tell you one thing, that girl is unreal. Perfect girls don’t exist!

If you’re the kind of guy who labels girls as girlfriend-material or not-girlfriend-material, then you’re probably also the guy who has been single for far too long. You’re wondering why? It’s because you’re chasing something that’s illusionary. You’re applying really strict rules to people that you most likely cannot fulfil either. I cannot comprehend how anyone can assume a superior position and so easily evaluate somebody as some kind of ‘material’? That’s just wrong.

Really getting to know somebody as a whole person, as a real person and not just a minuscule facet of that whole person, is the only way to actually figure out whether that person is compatible or not. People have thoughts and feelings and I guess one or two dates are surely not enough to form a full opinion on a person. Certainly it’s not long enough to judge someone, either.

So girls, if someone labels you as not-girlfriend material, you’re better off without them anyway! Who gives a fuck. And remember what non-girlfriend material is for one person is perfect girlfriend material for another.

Fashion Fix #10

Hi lovers, here's your weekly fashion fix. A bit random this one!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Motivational Speech

Hello teenage lovers, recently I have been doing some long and hard thinking. Sometimes the amount of random stuff just popping into my head confuses me.

The other day I thought about how one of those supermarket trolleys probs is the best value for money you can get. I mean look at these things and they are just £1. Surely it costs hundred times that much to produce one of them. Anyway tangent over. See what I mean though?

Today I would like to talk about how sometimes you just gotta step up your game. You get me(n)? Yes I know, I know we are all shy and riddled with self-doubt and all that, but life is too short to let those little insecurities take over.

Yes this is turning into a motivational speech I’m afraid. But sometimes, the Linda just gotta do what the Linda gotta do. Boom. So I thought of some things that might make you get up, get out there and do what you thought you couldn’t do!

First of all, it’s not a big deal, don’t be a drama queen! Yes I know right now it feels HUGE, but put it into perspective and realise that it will be fine. You are just a minuscule particle in the universe. It’s just a date. Just an interview. Just a hair appointment. C.H.I.L.L.

Don’t idealise people, because if you do they are not even real people anymore and they will eventually let you down, cause nobody can fulfil those expectations that you’re projecting girl. Yes I know comic boxer shorts suck, but we’re all just human, and I am sure your Primark bra isn’t the most pleasant sight either. C.H.I.L.L.

Personally, I would always recommend just talking to people! Yes, if you randomly talk to people about the weather, it might seem weird, but who cares. 50% will be wankers, but there’s a good chance that the other 50% will be well pleasant company / BFFs / lovers / future husbands / inspirations.

Stepping up your game also means just holding that gaze. Just returning that wave. Just thanking him for that compliment. I know I get shy too and blush, but it’s kinda cute, don’t you think? Whatever man, train yourself to do it, but don’t stare cause that’s just weird.

Celebrate awkwardness. Might seem a bit odd at first, but you just got to embrace that moment when he / she either thinks WTF? Or WOW! You can’t read people’s minds (sadly) so get prepared for that silence or that smirk, but also get prepared to be blown away by reactions you didn’t expect. You never know. But you know that you wanna know.

And one final tip to step up your game. Dress nice and smile. It’s so simple.

Now go out and share the love!

Laters lovers x

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Hi lovers, if you really love me as much as I love you, come to this and let's make out!!