Thursday, 13 May 2010

Shy Guy

Morning lovers, today I feel inclined to write about shy guys, cause I believe there are quite a lot of them out there. Maybe more than we think. They are everywhere really. Looking cool, but shy. Looking hot, but shy. Doing great stuff, but shy. I mean I do love an introvert boy really, but I also love a guy who mans up and takes the lead. It’s the old role model, isn’t it? A guy has to chat up the girl, a guy has to ask her out and he has to buy her drinks, but when faced with a shy guy, that might becomes a slight problem!

You can only do so much as a girl and at some point the chasing becomes solely guy’s territory, n’est ce pas?? Well today I would like to discuss this. How far can you take shyness? More importantly how far can you take things with a shy guy? What are clear indications that someone is only shy and hence seems a bit too aloof? Ohh this conversation could go on endlessly…

Okay so if a boy giggles like a little girl the entire time you’re chatting to him and what you’re saying isn’t even that funny, then he’s mega shy. Apparently, giggling=nervousness=he likes you!! Not very manly though.

If a guy is only looking at his shoes during the first hour of the date and you are thinking “WTF? Do I have something embarrassing in my face?” he’s mega shy and quite simply would blush too much if he was looking at you directly. And heaven forbid that all these cool indie boys blush, EVER!

If a guy is fidgeting the entire time you’re talking to him, which by the way annoys pretty much every girl, he’s just nervous. Give him a break.

If a guy has the biggest fringe you have ever seen, don’t worry. He isn’t necessarily a fashionista, he’s just hiding behind his hair. It’s his security blanket. Bless.

If a guy comes across all unapproachable and standoffish, he might just be shy. Don’t give up girl, go work the magic. You will only really find out what he’s all about if you talk to him, and then if he giggles like a little girl, kaboom!

Now go out and impress those shy guys!

Laters lovers x


  1. Shy guys are the way foreward!!

    Neil was so shy he would ignore me. Or just giggle a little. But he would ignore me more. I thought he must hate me orrr have a major socail problem. I found the trick was to get him drunk and corner him, forcing his loose tongue to talk!!!!! Ha. xx

  2. Love this technique. I might try it! xx