Tuesday, 29 June 2010

6 songs, 6 videos

Morning guys, it’s music day! Boom. I’d like to share some stuff that I really love at the moment.

Perfume Genius

Just bloody magic this is. It’s all hushed melodies and hurt lyrics and it’s really beautiful. I just wanna take care of that guy and feed him some pie. Fuck me that rhymes as well.

Zola Jesus

In the words of one very wise music writer: “Zola Jesus, I don’t know why anyone else is bothering.” And that says it all pretty much. Just makes me go all tingly.

Jason DeRulo

I'm sorry but I just love it.

War Paint

Amazing melodies, amazing dynamics, amazing style, pretty close to the perfect song.


Buff and dancilicious!


What can I say? I am obsessed with Yelawolf and this is the shit.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Morning guys, today it’s my 100th posts and I’m quite proud that I’ve made it this far. This blog is not just a fling; it’s a long term commitment thing and today I have proven that. In order to express my joy at this very fact, I thought it’s a good idea to make a list about 100 things to be grateful for.

Here it is:

1. Family

2. Friends

3. Lovers

4. Dawson’s Creek (seasons 1 – 3 only)

5. The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster

6. Guy McKnight

7. Inspiration

8. Berlin

9. London

10. People who speak their mind

11. Ice Cream Sundaes

12. Blissful unawareness of how much calories that ice cream contains

13. Trees

14. Cats

15. Cats on trees

16. Holding on to a hot guy during jumpy scenes in movies

17. Hot guys

18. Beyond Retro

19. Double caramel Magnums

20. Double caramel Everything

21. First dates

22. First love

23. All-in-one loser pyjamas with kitty prints

24. Receiving postcards from friends

25. Receiving love letters

26. Sunsets

27. Cobblestone beaches

28. Kind strangers who give up their seats on public transport for others

29. A cold beer (or 5) on a hot day

30. Mulled Wine on a cold day

31. Wonderfully strange people

32. Exciting Blogs

33. Challenges

34. Buddhism

35. The Stool Pigeon

36. A nice cup of tea in the morning

37. A nice cup of tea in the evening

38. Summer BBQs

39. Sleigh riding

40. Dark forests

41. Streetmap

42. Nail varnish

43. Good Will Hunting (and watching it about 56 times and loving it more every time)

44. Geek chic

45. Libraries

46. The smell of old books

47. The smell of freshly washed bed sheets

48. Romance

49. Knit jumpers

50. Chicken

51. Johnny Flynn

52. Friends you meet on busses

53. Vintage brogues

54. Bubble baths

55. Animal shaped clouds

56. Heart shaped balloons

57. Getting over it

58. Free things

59. Nice surprises

60. Good parties

61. Popcorn

62. Tarts On Decks

63. Freckles

64. Finding that one thing that you’re good at and doing it

65. Field trips

66. Brighton

67. Fairgrounds

68. People-watching

69. Andy Warhol

70. The National Gallery

71. Being boy crazy

72. Epiphanies

73. Finding something of yourself in others

74. Sex and the City

75. The smell of snow in the air

76. Vincent Gallo

77. Chloe Sevigny

78. Music that perfectly encapsulates a moment in time

79. Turning around to see him turn around

80. Metaphors

81. Marc Rothko

82. That Gemini power that unites Tracy and I

83. Mix tapes

84. Learning about history, poetry, film, art and photosynthesis

85. LOL Cats

86. Swimming in a real lake

87. Being given opportunities and seizing them

88. Breakfast in bed

89. Good charity shop finds

90. Polaroid cameras

91. Hair bleach

92. A hug when you most need it

93. Getting your fringe to the perfect length

94. Seeing hot young guys be good dads

95. Cherry Lambrini

96. Secret admirers

97. Exchanging meaningful glances

98. Never stopping to dream

99. My blog

100. Song lyrics that seems to speak right out of your soul

Laters Lovers Linda x