Monday, 14 June 2010

Football Worldcup Hotties 2010

Hi guys I watched the game last night, yes THAT game during which Germany annihilated the Aussie squad and one thing stood out besides their ability on the ball. They were smoking hot. So I was inspired to come up with my very own list of football hotties playing in the cup 2010. I’m sure they are all great footballers, but they for sure are real lookers. And now don’t give me that ‘girls only watch the World Cup to perv on players’ talk, it’s lame.

Yoann Gourcuff...I love a bit of intensity.

Tim Cahill...yes I admit this is a bit of a charity pick, but the red card was a bit uneccessary and he's got nice lips.

Robin Van Persie...he's got something, haven't figured out what yet, but he's got something.

Lukas Podolski...I mean just LOOK at those arms.

Heath Pearce...give me some of that full-bodied curly bliss

Gregory van der Wiel, yummy little cutie pie with rock hard abs, and rocker tattoos

Florent Malouda...nice jawline, nice jawline.

Fernando Torres...just a little ray of sunshine in this bleak world.

and holy f**k pretty much the entire Dutch squad is extremely easy on the eye.

Arne Friedrichs...future husband material. WAG it out babes.

laters Linda x


  1. what about wayne rooney?

  2. Needs more Lampard.