Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Over and Under

Hiya guys, recently I went into depression / excitement / then depression again / then indifference about some guy. Same as always and it got me thinking. Also same as always. So I have compiled this over- and under-guide which makes it way easy to handle guys. Especially guys that you don’t understand. So here it is, live by its rules.

Overkill and then underkill. (Apparently you have to be full on and then pretend to not give a shit anymore, which makes them crazy)

Under-promise, but over-deliver.

Under-dress, but over-accessorise.

Being undersold on a guy is definitely better than being over the rainbow about him.

Under the covers rather than over the shirt.

Understated rather than overstated. Deffo.

Under-caring, yay! Overbearing, nay!

Under-stand, but don’t over-analyse.

I choose an underdog over an overachiever any day!

Underwear, boom. Overknee socks, booo.

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