Wednesday, 27 April 2011

10 reasons why you should go watch Blue Valentine.

10 reasons to LOVE Blue Valentine...

Michelle Williams. Duh!

Ryan Gosling. Double Duh!!

It’s raw and it’s real and it’s romantic.

Loads of people say it’s really sad and depressing. Yes it’s sad and depressing, but it’s also bloody wonderful and uplifting. Cannot get the rainbow without the rain, innit?

When those two fall in love, they REALLY fall in love. I know they fall out of it later, but what do I keep saying, kids? CHERISH THE MOMENT!

Grizzly Bear soundtracked the entire movie.

This scene.

It’s intense and truthful. I love intensity and truth.


And this.

Monday, 25 April 2011


Summer is near. I can feel it. This is what I'll be doing this summer. 

Some of this.

And some more of this.


Loads of bezzie time.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Men-things I like.

Attention typical Linda topic alert!

Just now I had a little thinking session. I sometimes do that. Only sometimes. And I thought to myself guys, as in men, hmmm, wow, what a wonderful group of people. No really. Sometimes I feel the love. I think today I felt the love and why you’re asking? Because sometimes men are just bloody adorable. Sometimes men are pricks too but today I only wanna talk about the men-things I like. And they don’t all have to do with kittens.

I like when guys do that “Oh I’m really not that important even though I run this entire show” totally see-through fake humble cheeky talk to impress a girl and then say “Oh don’t be impressed, it’s no big deal.”

I like when guys enumerate their life’s achievements to come across all cool and knowing whilst not knowing that they spelled half of their list wrong.

I like guys that aren’t ladies men. I like losers. Not complete knobhead losers though.

I like when guys don’t try too hard to find the right words and just talk.

I like when guys have the decency to be honest.

I like when guys uncomplicate things that girls complicate.

I like when guys talk about nail varnish colours as if they’d really care. I know they don’t but it’s sweet to try.

I like when guys talk excitedly about their recently-discovered super-secret new favourite band to then find out that said band already have 2 million YouTube views. Bless.

I like when guys explain technical things. Hot.

I like when guys watch Bear Grylls episodes as intently as I do. I like it even more when they can do some of the stuff Bear Grylls can do. Except for giving yourself an enema that is.  

Love you! Linda xx

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Hello blog lovers, this is my 200th blog post. Congratulations to myself. I do write A LOT of stuff. I did something special for my 100th post and similarly I thought it might be nice to make another list. So my head started coming up with all these random lists of 200 things/words/actions, but let’s face it time is precious and hence, instead of presenting you with a list of 200 marvellous words (that no-one would have had the time to read), I now present you with a list of 100 magnificent words (that no-one will read regardless), cause I simply couldn’t think of any more. For real. Enjoy word lovers.

100 great words

1.    plenisphere
2.    algorithm
3.    antithesis
4.    porpoise
5.    discombobulating
6.    franchise
7.    dystopian
8.    stratophication
9.    paraplegic
10. fragmentation
11. distressed
12. megalomania
13. illuminated
14. abominable
15. acquiesce
16. awkward
17. aloof
18. accumulate
19. annihilation
20. ubiquitous
21. audacity
22. azure
23. jailbird
24. cataclysmic
25. chimera
26. conundrum
27. effervescence
28. valedictorian
29. efficacious
30. ephemeral
31. epiphany
32. eponymous
33. ethereal
34. vertigo
35. flamingo
36. hazel
38. hemi-demisemiquaver
39. hyperbole
 40. idiosyncrasy
41. incongruous
42. kerfuffle
43. inertia
44. Machiavellian
45. obfuscation
46. paraphernalia
47. meandering
48. soliloquy
49. sublime
50. synecdoche
51. titillating
52. irreverent
53. luminary
54. phosphorescent
55. startling
56. aberration
57. brazen
58. demure
59. embezzle
60. flabbergasted
61. zenith
62. abyss
63. affliction
64. annexation
65. avarice
66. bellicose
67. concoct
68. atonement
69. docile
70. doleful
71. elucidate
72. enchanting
73. ghastly
74. heretic
75. homogenous
76. lustrous
77. luminous
78. mirth
79. nocturnal
80. nonchalant
81. dexterous
82. obsolete
83. consolidation
84. vehemence
85. discordant
86. syncope
87. monosyllabic
88. pygmy
89. knickknack
90. haberdashery
91. possessionlessness
92. pow-wow
93. coercion
94. czar
95. pneumonia
96. nucleus
97. enamoured
98. vixen
99. planetarium
100. ...and my absolute favourite 
hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (the fear of long words)

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The easiest ways to blow out a guy...

Hi blog lovers, in honour of spring and in honour of the awakening of feelings causing everybody to like everybody, I thought’s it’s a great idea to write about how to scare off a guy.  Not in ten days tough. Any day.

Trust me kids, if you wanna get rid of him, listen to the master and check out the list below.

1.    Tell him you love him. On the first date.

2.    Tell him you have six cats. On the first date.

3.    Ask him to move in. After the first date.

4.    Tell him you don’t put out. Ever.

5.    Tell him you only like Disney movies. Or that you often identify with the little mermaid.

6.    Be high maintenance.

7.    Talk about feelings.

8.    Tell him your only inspiration in life comes from Paris Hilton.

9.    Talk about your trust issues.

10.Talk about that you can only sleep with your stuffed toy.


12.Smell. Bad.

13.Be clingy.

14.Talk in baby language.

15.Talk about child birth.

16.Ask him to meet your mum for the second date.

17.Tell him you thought he was gay.

18.Mention that you already named your future children.

19.Say that you wanna name you future kid Jordan or if it’s twins Jedward.

20.And the absolute classic. Vom. On him.

Laters lovers. x