Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The easiest ways to blow out a guy...

Hi blog lovers, in honour of spring and in honour of the awakening of feelings causing everybody to like everybody, I thought’s it’s a great idea to write about how to scare off a guy.  Not in ten days tough. Any day.

Trust me kids, if you wanna get rid of him, listen to the master and check out the list below.

1.    Tell him you love him. On the first date.

2.    Tell him you have six cats. On the first date.

3.    Ask him to move in. After the first date.

4.    Tell him you don’t put out. Ever.

5.    Tell him you only like Disney movies. Or that you often identify with the little mermaid.

6.    Be high maintenance.

7.    Talk about feelings.

8.    Tell him your only inspiration in life comes from Paris Hilton.

9.    Talk about your trust issues.

10.Talk about that you can only sleep with your stuffed toy.


12.Smell. Bad.

13.Be clingy.

14.Talk in baby language.

15.Talk about child birth.

16.Ask him to meet your mum for the second date.

17.Tell him you thought he was gay.

18.Mention that you already named your future children.

19.Say that you wanna name you future kid Jordan or if it’s twins Jedward.

20.And the absolute classic. Vom. On him.

Laters lovers. x

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