Friday, 26 February 2010

OMG I forgot the HOTTEST guy on TV EVER!

Hi lovers, OMG I totes forgot the HOTTEST guy on TV like EVER! Jonathan Rhys Meyers. How did he escape my mind? He doesn’t only have a drinking and drug problem, but he is also a bit wonky-looking but in a good way. Anyway, look at those eyes, look at that body, look at those problems. What happened that I forgot about Jonathan! Anyway here’s a picture homage to the one and only from The Tudors!





Laters lovers x

Thursday, 25 February 2010

10 hotties on TV

Hi lovers, it's list-making time. Wooooo

I would like to introduce to you the 'Top 10 hottest guy on TV' Linda-style. In this very order top to bottom.

1. Simon from Misfits: I mean what else is there to say? He is weird, weird-looking, totally out of it, incredibly issue-laden and wearing amazingly tailored sharp shirts. Perfect future-husband material!

2. Jordan Catalano from My So-called Life: OMG. Could he be any hotter? I mean really? So aloof, so bored all the time, so sensitive, so in a shitty band, so crush-worthy. He will end up working in a supermarket, but for now he's a total heartbreaker!

3. Michael Scofield from Prison Break: Sharp in looks and brains. Body. Tattoos. Eyes. Enough said.

4. Jack from Lost: Not only does he totally cater for anybody with daddy complexes but he's also a doctor, a therapist, a hottie, a good listener and a builder all morphed into one person. Simply a guy who fixes things. And God do I love a guy who fixes things. Yum.

5. Henry from Dawson's Creek: Just read this post.

6. Jess from Gilmore Girls: 1 part Bad-Boy + 1 part literature student + a little bit of moddy teenage charm = H.O.T.

7. Seth Cohen from the O.C.: I know I know many of you would have classed him higher but little Seth is a bit too neurotic to make it into the top 5. Anyway, yes he is still totes hot. I mean the jumpers, the music obsession, the puppy dog eyes, the inexperienced demeanour, the 'Chrismukkah'. Loving the Seth.

8. Derek aka McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy: Another doctor. Another hottie. The hair is quite good too.

9. Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Controversial this one, I do realise that. But before all that Twilight hype came along, Spike here was already everything you'd hope a vampire could be. Threatening, darkly sexy, fascinating, appalling and appealing. Additionally when Buffy made out with him it was like the universe would implode. Miaouw.

10. Eric Forman from That 70s Show: Yes I struggled a bit with this one. But I mean he is geek enough to make it into the list. And anybody who can pull off those flares with his grace still intact should at least be in this list. Well done.

Laters lovers x

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I hate it but I love it....

Hi underage lovers, how are you feeling today?

This blog is not only an outlet for my little rants nor is it solely a reflection of my slightly confused state of mind, but it’s also a place to share the love. No I am not being ironic, here. Really all I wanna do is give you a hug and tell you that everything will be fine. So today I would like to talk about things that boys think we might hate, and that we (or at least I) tell them I hate but that I really love in reality.

Fuck me that was a confusingly long sentence. Anyway you get the gist. I say ‘I hate it’. I mean ‘I love it’. And do even try to go all post-feminist on me.

You know that old worn out Kurt Cobain sweater you have. I know I slag it off all the time lecturing you on how emo (as in emo-grunge) it is and telling you how bad you look in it, but secretly I love that sweater cause it doesn’t only smell of you and of a vintage clothes shop in equal parts, but it’s also nice and comfy to wear when I steal it from you. Plus grunge style is SOOOO the new shit. Even Topshop have latched onto it by now. I mean hello?

You know how I tell you that I thinks it’s super degrading and misogynist when I catch you staring at my boobs? Well I do love that too, cause I know they are ace and who could resist really?

You know how I get all funny when you use my black nail varnish cause “you just feel like it today” and tell you that you really need to grow up and be a real man. Well, let’s face it; you can totally pull off that androgynous look. So hot!

You know how I sometimes whinge when you are out with your friends drinking cause “you are neglecting me”? Yes, I still think you should be drinking with me rather then with your friends cause obvs I am much more entertaining and funny. BUT I do enjoy being away from you at times as well. You know I can do girly stuff then, like pedicures, manicures, braid the hair of my girlfriends, pillow fights in pyjamas and all that.

Finally you know how I tell you that I hate when you listen to Blood Red Shoes? Well I FUCKING hate that, really.

Laters lovers x

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Chat-up Lines

Hello lovers, today I realised that I have neglected my favourite topic of all for some time. What could it be? Chicken? No. Shoes? No. Sp**k? Maybe.

That’s right I haven’t talked about boys for ages, so let’s get back to what I am best at. Trying, and the emphasis is on ‘trying’ here, to decipher and to comprehend the eternal mystery that are boys and their weird little world.

Phew! Mission.

So what can we talk about? Already discussed everything from bad sneakers to bad hair and bad habits. So it might be a good idea to tackle the sticky topic of chat-up lines. Oh dear, I know it can only go downhill from here.

From my experience, there is one big rule to make sure it works out with a guy and that’s NEVER chat a boy up, cause they get scared and you quickly fall into the ‘whore’ category of the Madonna/Whore dichotomy.
You know you have to act all coy and shy and yet a bit demanding with a distinct down-to-earth vibe. I know it’s fucking impossible. So let’s get down to the good stuff. Here are some tested chat-up lines and the consequent (bad) male reactions. Enjoy.

So I am a very outspoken and honest kind of person, so naturally and logically my chat-up lines are like that too. Here is a selection of the *best* ones.

Line #1: Hi you are really hot and I think we would look good together. Do you wanna go on a date?

Reaction #1: Oh wow are you European? What’s your name? This is my friend Tim, he likes Europeans.

Line #2: Hi I saw you the other day at a gig and I was too shy to talk to you, but I was wondering if you would like to go for a drink at some point soon? I hope this doesn’t freak you out?

Reaction #2: Oh hi, yeah I saw you too and a drink sounds lovely. And don’t worry it doesn’t weird me out at all. (He then runs away and you never hear from him again)

Line #3: What’s your deal?

Reaction #3: Do you wanna marry me?

Line #4: Hi, did you just say you like the new Maccabees record and you went to see These New Puritans the other day and that Jonny Flynn is your favourite singer? That’s amazing I love them all.

Reaction #4: Yeah my girlfriend got me into them.

Line #5: I think we should at least make out tonight!

Reaction #5: Do you want to? Well that’s great. I think it would be better if we lied down. You know I can only work the magic then. Wow your skin is so soft and you are very attractive. What do I really have to put bedsheets on? What do you really need pillows? Anyway this is great. We are just friends though okay?

Laters, lovers x

Friday, 19 February 2010

Fashion Fix #1

Hello lovers, I wanna talk about fashion today. Yes I know I ain’t no Tavi or no Patricija even, but fuck it, let’s do it anyway. My frequent readers will know that I am, on top of that, not particularly fond of Topshop either, so this will be an interesting one.

So my fashion musts for the coming spring in no way reflect what’s in Vogue or Dazed, but solely my random colourful and utterly DIY style opinion . I rate tropical Aztec and Egyptian happy grunge style with twee, colour explosion pastel chic at the mo. In your face.

Loving those Melon Vans but obviously not for me but for the boyfriend. Loving those Courtney Love fucked-up dark flowery grunge numbers and as always band T-Shirts in as many varieties as possible. Also loving good illustrations on T-shirts and vibrant patterns. Have a look below to see what tickles my fancy.

Laters Lovers x

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Terry and Michael

Hi lovers, I don't have much to say today. Only a few things.

So apparently Dream-Wave and Cuddle-Core are the new shit-hot genres. Okay.

So apparently blind optimism is so much more en vogue than sober and realistic cynicism. Okay.

So apparently, we all have to be honest with each other. Okay.

So apparently computers break all the time. Okay.

So apparently if you don't like what it says on this blog, don't read it. Okay.

So apparently, some people are nicer than others. Okay.

So apparently, sometimes you just have to get over it and cut it out. Okay.

So apparently, these two are the epitome of all I need in my life. Yes!

Laters lovers x

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I'm pissed off today.

Yo lovers. I am pissed off today. Pissed off with how fucking unreliable, two-faced and generally annoying some people are, but hey that won’t get me down, like duh!

I also engaged in some retail therapy in order to uplift my spirit and bought a T-shirt with a dinosaur on it from Blood Is The New Black, which fucking rocks, let’s face it.

So anyway didn’t really feel like blogging today but then a heart-warming email reached me from my husband Mark Adlington with a call to action. It said: “all six of us are waiting for more golden nuggets. (dixie style). maybe you could write about boys for a change!

And yes he means my six followers, Dixie Chicken and, ermmm, boys, he’s my future husband for a reason, y’all!

So today is the day that I will turn all the anger into love and all the frustration into inspiration. In other words, I will simply list loads of random shit popping into my head at this very moment.

Put your set belts on. No I mean seriously. That’s my first point.

If you’ve got no kinds words to say, you should say nothing more at all.

If you wanna know something, just ask. And if someone asks you something straight up, just answer and be honest. Easy.

She spoke words that would melt in your hands, and she spoke words of wisdom.

My three favourite Fried Chicken Places are, in that order, Halal Fried Chicken on Brick Lane, Dixie Chicken anywhere and KFC, especially the massive one in Brixton (ganstaaaa). I know it’s wrong, but I don’t really care.

If you don’t mean shit, don’t say shit.

Urban Outfitters eats Topshop for breakfast any day.

Your parents and/or siblings will always the most honest with you. That honesty can be painful, but it’s the most valuable thing you have. Get real.

Like Diane von Furstenberg says: (and yes I got that from MTV’s The City) “The most important relationship you have in your life, is the relationship you have with yourself, because no matter what happens, you will always be with yourself.” True sister!

Sleigh Bells fucking rock.

Laters, lovers xx

Monday, 15 February 2010

The Drums, The Big Pink, The Maccabees

Hello lovers, here some shit about some shit hot bands. It's loads of writing, see I promised more verbalisation from me! Woooooo.

The annual NME Awards Tour can be a tricky one. Most of the time, the line-up is a random selection of good looking people with guitars, who are hyped as the new ‘it’ band of the moment by the ubiquitous magazine. This, you might say, really isn’t a testament to greatness.

However, this year the tour dropped a stellar line-up ranging from cheerful pop enthusiasts Bombay Bicycle Club and The Drums to Doom-Noise-Rockers The Big Pink and everybody’s favourite band The Maccabees.

Stepping inside the Bristol Academy to find first band of the night The Drums in full swing, one might wonder who singer Jonathan Pierce is trying harder to impersonate: Brandon Flowers or Ian Curtis. Either way, he knows how to command the crowd, who neither get distracted by his odd mannerisms nor by his extremely effeminate stage persona. Pierce’s voice sounds brisk and razor-sharp and guitarist Jacob Graham’s pleasingly catchy guitar hooks jingle just as hypnotically as on their debut E.P. ‘Summertime’. First single ‘I Wanna Go Surfing’ goes down a treat all the more for it creating an instant crowd singalong.

The Drums play an intensely tight set with a frontman, who bounces around on stage like a combination of the Duracel rabbit and an overly animated frat-boy. The band’s non-stop energy and Pierce’s fiercely emotional musical renditions of the misery that is his love-life entice the crowd from the very first note. One can only thank God that the singer got his heart broken if these uplifting and utterly blissful tunes are the result of it.

‘Saddest Summer’ deals with the loss of innocence and hope, nonetheless it is a breezy west-coast anthem injected with pure sunshine and pop-tastic melodies in the style of a more cheerful Weezer. During set-closer ‘Me and The Moon’ Pierce projects “It’s forever and forever and forever” into the audience and for just a moment you wholeheartedly want to believe him.

Next on the bill are The Big Pink, who with their dark-fuzz-distortion and even darker outfits are the polar opposite of The Drums’ anthemic sunshine pop. Admittedly, they are hard to get into if you’ve just been on vacation in pop-heaven, but after a while of noise terrorism a la Atari Teenage Riot, you find yourself strangely entranced by their hazy and somewhat self-indulgently obscure noise-fest. Haters would label them as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club just fuzzier, but everybody in their right mind can appreciate the wall-of-sound immensity that The Big Pink sonically assault you with. It’s the SBTKRT-like menacing booms and blips that make The Big Pink special not that ‘Dominoes’ crap though.

Even though that comparison stinks, next band Bombay Bicycle Club are like Bombay Sapphire Gin, watered-down, bland and utterly head-ache inducing, so let’s move on to the highlight of the night: The Maccabees.

Now I don’t want to sound soppy, but The Maccabees are really onto something. It’s in the gyrating dance moves of remarkably handsome lead-singer Orlando. It’s in the perfectly-timed staccato riffs of guitar-man Hugo White and most of all it’s in the quirky imagery and wide-eyed sensitivity of their lyrics. ‘First Love’ must be one of the most unusual and idiosyncratic love songs of all time thriving on a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek naivety, whilst ‘X-Ray’ is a bona-fide dance-floor filler with high-powered, forceful riffs and chirpy melodies. Songs from the second album ‘Wall of Arms’ are similarly warmly received as the ones from the debut with set-closer ‘No Kind Words’ standing out in particular. It showcases a gloomier and more subtle version of The Maccabees, which proves that they aren’t only versatile and extremely gifted, but that the next album coming from this indie-outfit is really something to look forward to.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Michael Pitt

Hi lovers I know I have been very photo-heavy in my posts recently…and I promise that I will bore you with the magic coming from my brain again next week. But since it’s Friday, I thought we can simply dive head into some gorgeousness.

The gorgeousness that is Michael Pitt.

Everybody, who read my Dawson Reeks post might know that I have just a slight obsession with Michael Pitt. He is everything I love. Fucked-up, in looks and the head. Singer and guitarist in a shit band. Different. Not bothered. Promiscuous. Self-destructive. Self-doubting. Artistic. Weird. Anti-social. Young-looking but old-souled. Slightly menacing.

I love Michael Pitt, but he also freaks the shit outta me.

laters lovers x

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Things that don't rule

Hi lovers, today it's another easy one. I think all this stuff sucks. Obvious. Check it.

Laters Lovers x