Sunday, 20 December 2009

Dawson Reeks

Yes and yes and yes and yes……and YES! The day has finally come. I mean no I didn’t get my period or something, but today I will examine and encode the behavioral patterns of the boys of Dawson’s Creek….or in other words I will talk about who’s hot and who’s not, who’s a mummy’s boy and who beats off way too much (all Dawson)

But first here is a lovely illustration that the talented Mark Adlington made about the series



I mean first of all what kinda name is Dawson anyway? It already sounds soppy and weak. Okay also he’s a film geek, which at first sight does not seem too bad, but for fuck’s sake he’s heavily into Spielberg, not Soderbergh or Lynch, which at face-value just screams ‘mummy’s boy with issues, who beats off way too much’. Dawson’s is a little cry baby with bad hair and a worse style, his beige baggies put me off like nothing else and even though some of his checked shirts are bearable the way here wears them (open with an ugly grey oversized shirt underneath) make me wanna throw up in my mouth and then swallow it. I also hated the fact that he is quite obviously dealing with confidence issues (which is not a problem in itself) and a lot of repressed teenage lust, which he projects on Jen and hence totally objectifies her and Dawson, son, Jen is way too hot for you, play within your league, please. Finally if Dawson was a band, he would so be Vampire Weekend trotting down the lost path somewhere between ugly preppy boy, misunderstood Avril Lavigne fan and, ermmm, loser.

Dawson: Get lost!


Now Pacey is a whole other kettle of fish. He is not good-looking in a conventional sense but he’s got this brooding bad boy charm, which everyone with ovaries loves. Pacey is funny but also a bit twisted, which is hot. He looks like a hell of a kisser as well, and his weirdo haircut is perfectly imperfect. He is a bit like Thora Birch in ‘Ghost World’, a lovable outsider, who strikes the right balance between weird and intriguing. AND we all know he lost his virginity to that teacher and now that’s a story. AND then he took Joey’s virginity (and even though it wasn’t very good apparently) now that’s a BIGGER story, cause Joey was an uptight chick. I also loved the scene when Pacey ‘teaches’ Joey how to ‘drive’ and of course we all know that that symbolises something completely different, but it was still very cute cause he was attentive and quirky and funny and considerate, weep weep. In real life the Pacey character is dating Diane Krueger and whoa real-life Pacey must be the bomb too, cause she’s a 10 babe. See below:


If Pacey was a band, I reckon he would be MGMT, because he’s cheerful with dark undertones and a lot of spark.

Pacey: Hello babe!


Now I am a self-proclaimed Henry obsessive. I think he’s a hot, cute, different, and totally fuckable. Henry might be the most genuine character in the Creek and his innocence and vulnerability make him all the more hot. I lurve his inexperienced antics and his openness about it. He never feels the need to macho it out and pretend to be something he is not, because he has enough confidence and trust in himself, it becomes unnecessary. He is self-secure in a very un-show off way and that’s way sexy. I loved the episode when Henry gives blood in order to buy Jen a Valentine's Day present (yes the old days when you still gave blood and still got money for it and when you still bought present for your date) and then he faints because he gave too much (he gave TOO MUCH - awwwwww) and they sort of have their date in hospital. Now that’s what I call the prefect date, all the pressure gone and loads of jelly. Henry plays football and he is also into literature striking the right balance between sporty and intellectual, bless him. Henry declares his feeling for Jen openly and even though it borders on the cringe-worthy, he pulls it off with those big blue puppy eyes, man I love the Henry. To end this praise of Henry I believe that he is the kind of guy that you can introduce to your parents and they will love him and then you can do dirty stuff in their bedroom afterwards. If Henry was a band he would be Death Cab For Cutie and that says it all really.

Ohhhh and before I forget, here is a reminder why Henry’s character Michael Pitt is hot:


Henry: I want your saliva!

The guy with the massive eyebrows who briefly dated Joey:

Enough said:


Laters Linda

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