Thursday, 27 September 2012

There are two kinds of people...

I asked a boy and a girl the exact same questions. And the answers are fascinating. When we (okay I) think girls always talk loads, here the boy’s answers are much more detailed and when we (okay I) assume that guys don’t think about this emotional shit, obviously I couldn’t be more wrong. Also both are bored of playing games. Kewl.

When it comes to liking someone how do you know that you know?

I would say it’s body language of the person, and if you can't read them physically I think it’s the way they do things for you without you noticing. So for example with the body language, I feel if someone has a liking towards you, (even if they are shy around you) they will express it in a little glance/stare at you when you speak. Or they are a little loud in a way that they want you to notice them.
If on a date, you have constant eye contact, and she blushes from time to time, or brushes her hair and strokes her neck slowly, then you are in. (DAMN Linda, I’m telling you my secrets!)

But I know if someone likes me, usually from the attention they give me.

I'll want to spend time with them and when they're not in my company they'll be in my thoughts. If I really, really like someone I'll get that 'funny' feeling inside. 
What really annoys you about girls / boys?
Bad teeth/breath. If the woman doesn't even get this right, she will not get past 1st base, standard. Another thing I find annoying is when they are so self-obsessed, when all they can ever talk about is themselves, and never ask about you or find out who you are. Like they have something to prove. Get the fuck out. When they never offer to pay, thinking you are some kind of sugar daddy. When they think they are always right, and even when they are proven wrong, they still have this grudge against you. When girls lead you on and never give it to you straight, I mean they like to play little games, but usually this happens with younger girls, women are straighter to the point.
What’s a deal-breaker on a first date?

1. Manage to get a snog, or kiss on lips I guess. (On cheek don't count).
2. Get invited back to yours/mine.
3. She wants you to call her.
I like a guy to treat me like a lady; open doors, let me walk in front, buy a drink or two. If he's a gent that will stick in mind once the date is over. So a deal-breaker is the opposite of that.

Why are we so obsessed with being liked?

Popularity I guess. The more someone is liked, the more popular they seem. Nobody wants to feel that they have no friends, or are a little bit of a loner.


I'd say it's perfectly normal and healthy to want to be liked by others. It does wonders for your self-esteem.

Is not playing games the new playing games? Are we tired of trying?
I feel we all play games someway or another. Even if we don't think we are, we’re all playing.
But I feel the older we get, there is less chance of playing games, as both men and women are more wiser, and probably read too much into signs or signals. I guess we do grow tired of games, but we still do play them :)


I'm never one to play games. I think once you're 25 and over you should quit the game playing. If you like someone, you like them. Go for it!

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