Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Having fun.

Having fun.

I had a chat with a friend of mine recently and we got talking about ‘having fun’ and what it really means. Ultimately, I believe that girls and boys have completely different opinions on what having fun involves, and how involved they wanna be in that elusive thing that is ‘having fun with each other’. So here I present you with this list to make it easier to distinguish boys fun and girls fun. Hopefully.

Having fun the girls way.

Getting taken out on a nice date without any expectations from the guy.

Having a good conversation that doesn’t involve football or boring stuff. Unless you like football and boring stuff.

Knowing that you fancy the guy but also knowing that he’s a great friend. Knowing that you can do crazy things with him but also knowing that you can do your week’s shopping with him.

A day out that includes rowing on a lake (he’s rowing), followed by a nice picnic (he’s organised it), followed by a night out (he’s paying and he’s dancing).

Bringing you breakfast in bed after having slept by your side without trying it on. Yes, sex is fun for girls too, just not with dickheads.

Having fun the guys way.






Video Games.


Errrrr, I’m such a romantic. Errrrrr, I stereotype guys so much. Vom.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Interview - Lonsdale Boys Club

Recently I have become a superfan. I know. Sad times. I cannot help it but I love Lonsdale Boys Club. It’s like a full-on infatuation mixed with a bit of reservation. That kind of reservation that you get when you realise they are going to break your heart at some point in the future because they are just too good to be true.

Anyway enough of my waffling, let’s get to the good stuff.  Here’s a little insightful interview with singer Charlie about Lonsdale Boys Club. Charming.

If it wasn't for the band / music, what else would you be doing right now?

“Selling crack to the kids. Clubs, thugs ‘n’ drugs.”

What do you currently listen to / draw inspiration from?

“Lots of reggae and dancehall and garage old funk disco and soul. Some Frank Ocean right now!”

Favourite album / single of all time?

“‘The Harder They Come’ - OST Jimmy Cliff and various artists and ‘2001’ - Dr. Dre.”

Guilty pleasure music-wise?

“I listen to a lot of things one might consider guilty pleasures! Very very cheesy old skool garage and sweet vocal old disco n house n poppy dancehall. And of course the Bizkit!”

Describe your music in five words.

“Really really really really good.


Punchy, hooky, big, melodic n tough.”

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Questionnaire with myself

It was my birthday yesterday so I thought it’s time for a blatantly self-indulged post. Yes nothing new there then. However, I also keep hearing from people that they wait for new posts from the Book of Linda every day (EVERY DAY!!!?!) - superfan style and very flattering, so I thought it’s time to share a little bit about myself. If you haven’t realised it yet, I’m a sharer. So here it goes. Questionnaire with myself.

My favourite parts of London (from favourite to least favourite) are: South, North, West, East

My favourite colour is red.

My least favourite colour is beige. I strongly dislike everything beige – bland fest. I strongly dislike people with beige personalities, too.

I try not to hate. I prefer to strongly dislike these days.

I think I’m a typical Gemini, ups and downs all over the place, but at least it keeps things interesting.

The most important trait in a person for me is loyalty. The second most important is honesty.

I don’t like bullshit people. Tell me what you really mean or don’t talk to me at all.

I get obsessed with things easily.  Currently I’m obsessed with Jason DeRulo, Cute Boys with Cats, Frank Ocean’s ‘Swim Good’, Lonsdale Boys Club, Dip Dye and Norwegians in general.

I lose interest easily.

My all time favourite bands are The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, The Cooper Temple Clause, Patrick Wolf, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Yeasayer, Johnny Flynn, Ryan Adams and The Maccabees.

My all time least favourite bands are Coldplay (vomcano), Led Zeppelin (bore off with your guitar wanking) and Blood Red Shoes (vile).

When I grow up I wanna become a mixture if Kelly Cutrone’s fierceness, Whitney Port’s compassion and composure and Natalie Portman’s general amazingness.

I think I’d choose dots over stripes most days.

I really wanna live in New York at some point.

I like the cold more than the heat. But I like warm people way more than cold ones. 

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Bloody Knees

When the person you’re texting lets you have the last word by letting you be the last person to text, REALLY they are the ones who have the last word. Major bummer.

Who cares about the last word? I care about a good conversation.

I mean I am well into this zen stuff right now, but sometimes you just gotta tell it how it is.

It’s okay to admit you care. Just be careful when you admit it to someone who doesn’t in fact care. Admitting you care is the new not caring!

Don’t be the other girl. For him it’s just a self-affirmation / macho thing and you’re better than that.

If he’s got issues to distinguish ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ and ‘it’s’ and ‘its’, it’s pretty much worse than if he’s got attachment issues. For me anyway.

It’s important to know whether you really like him or whether you kinda like him because he compliments you, makes you feel better about yourself and makes you feel desired. Cause that’s just selfish bullshit.

If he doesn’t call you, he DOES NOT WANT to call you. Simples.

Girls always think they can change the guy and turn him into what they want. One word. WRONG. The guy likes the way he is and he’ll find some girl who likes it too rather than hang out with the psycho freak who constantly tries to change him. Simples.

A boyfriend / girlfriend is a friend that you also wanna have sex with. Don’t forget the friend bit. It’s important. 

Friday, 3 June 2011

Is Tropical - 'Native To'

Is Tropical – Native To

I mean I have always had a soft spot for Is Tropical even when they were still Ratty Rat Rat. Bad names, great bands. A few members changed but, main men Simon and Gary are still sailing the good ship Is Tropical in a circling exotic ocean. And believe me, I would love to jump aboard that ship.

Their debut ‘Native To’ will be released on the 13th June and it’s brimming with barkingly mad and brilliantly magical melodies. There’s no doubt that these three are bonkers, but as they say, “there’s a thin line between madness and genius” and Is Tropical are definitely wandering on the right side of that line.
First single ‘The Greeks’ is a blend of sea shanty style innocent-sounding sing-song with plenty of dark bass and dreamy synth thrown in for good measure. Stylistically ranging from raw stoner-pop anthems to late night dance bangers, ‘Native To’ offers a full-on onslaught of melody, mystery and modern romance. With great beats. And greater lyrics. And the greatest ideas.
Ranging somewhere between easily-accessible, highly-infectious pop songs and proggy obscure-sounding sonic scapes, Is Tropical hone their art to be an elusive, introverted and blithely energetic act.
Anyway enough of my incompetent waffling, download ‘The Greeks’ here and fall in love. 
Big-ups to SureShot PR for providing me with ‘Native To’ 

Thursday, 2 June 2011


Morning blog-lovers, I haven't written about music in ages, so today's the day. I apologise for the lack of actual moving images in this post, but this stuff is so hot, it doesn't have videos yet. Cliched sentence alert. Vom.

I'm obsessed with this. I'm in love.

This is stunning.