Friday, 3 June 2011

Is Tropical - 'Native To'

Is Tropical – Native To

I mean I have always had a soft spot for Is Tropical even when they were still Ratty Rat Rat. Bad names, great bands. A few members changed but, main men Simon and Gary are still sailing the good ship Is Tropical in a circling exotic ocean. And believe me, I would love to jump aboard that ship.

Their debut ‘Native To’ will be released on the 13th June and it’s brimming with barkingly mad and brilliantly magical melodies. There’s no doubt that these three are bonkers, but as they say, “there’s a thin line between madness and genius” and Is Tropical are definitely wandering on the right side of that line.
First single ‘The Greeks’ is a blend of sea shanty style innocent-sounding sing-song with plenty of dark bass and dreamy synth thrown in for good measure. Stylistically ranging from raw stoner-pop anthems to late night dance bangers, ‘Native To’ offers a full-on onslaught of melody, mystery and modern romance. With great beats. And greater lyrics. And the greatest ideas.
Ranging somewhere between easily-accessible, highly-infectious pop songs and proggy obscure-sounding sonic scapes, Is Tropical hone their art to be an elusive, introverted and blithely energetic act.
Anyway enough of my incompetent waffling, download ‘The Greeks’ here and fall in love. 
Big-ups to SureShot PR for providing me with ‘Native To’ 

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