Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Having fun.

Having fun.

I had a chat with a friend of mine recently and we got talking about ‘having fun’ and what it really means. Ultimately, I believe that girls and boys have completely different opinions on what having fun involves, and how involved they wanna be in that elusive thing that is ‘having fun with each other’. So here I present you with this list to make it easier to distinguish boys fun and girls fun. Hopefully.

Having fun the girls way.

Getting taken out on a nice date without any expectations from the guy.

Having a good conversation that doesn’t involve football or boring stuff. Unless you like football and boring stuff.

Knowing that you fancy the guy but also knowing that he’s a great friend. Knowing that you can do crazy things with him but also knowing that you can do your week’s shopping with him.

A day out that includes rowing on a lake (he’s rowing), followed by a nice picnic (he’s organised it), followed by a night out (he’s paying and he’s dancing).

Bringing you breakfast in bed after having slept by your side without trying it on. Yes, sex is fun for girls too, just not with dickheads.

Having fun the guys way.






Video Games.


Errrrr, I’m such a romantic. Errrrrr, I stereotype guys so much. Vom.

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  1. Not having to watch him turn on the video game console right after sex. Nor making him a sandwich.