Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Linda's top 10 favourite blogs and websites

Morning beloved readers, how are you?
It's list-making time again and today I would like to share my favourite blogs and websites. Basically this shit rocks my world.

Disposable Youth

I mean I fancy the pants off of this blogger and I tried everything from asking him out to slagging him off and introducing myself, but NOTHING! His blog is still pretty ace though, especially if you’re into music and fashion.

Nightmares and Boners

Frank, funny, emotional, well-written, honest, crazy, psychotic, sincere, out-spoken and girly....basically I wanna be BFFs with her.

Cute Boys with Cupcakes

Cute Boys? With cup cakes? Fuck yes!

LOL Cats

On a dark day this website picks me up every time. Just a beacon of hope and yes I know that I’m talking about LOL Cats.

Fail Blog

People are stupid. Stupid people are funny. This is what failblog is for.

Go Fug Yourself

Hilarous. Just hilarious!

Style Rookie

The ORIGINAL fashion blog from now 15 year old Tavi. If you’re not reading this, then you probably also don’t know what ‘an internet’ is.

Cafe Con Lesley

Lesley Arfin basically hangs out with all the cool kids in New York, so if you wanna know who’s hot and who’s not, check out her blog. It also helps that she is simply mental, in a good way. Thoroughly enjoyable blog.


I’m simply obsessed with Yelawolf at the moment and on his MySpace you cannot only download most of his previous and absolutely amazing albums but you can also perv on his pics big time!

It’s Getting Boring By The Sea

In my opinion, this is the best music blog out there, which finds the right balance between talking about the most obscure indie shit and the least obscure new Drake single. It also gives you loads of free downloads and exclusive videos. Always on the forefront of what’s happening musically. So if you wanna impress that indie boy in skinny jeans, this is the place to brush up on your music knowledge. I love it! Check it out.