Wednesday, 28 July 2010

No Age 'Glitter'

Hi guys I love No Age, so you need to love No Age too. This Is Fake DIY love them, also, so I did a little single review about No Age for them. Wow that sentence was confusing.

‘Glitter’, the new single from L.A. stoner-noise-pop whizz kids No Age, is the perfect DIY guide to blissed-out, fuzzed-up garage rock. Whetting your appetite with a slow clap intro, they dive right into a feedback heavy screechy lo-fi anthem that flawlessly conjures up images of hanging out on a beach, smoking spliff, spending afternoons skating and ‘chillaxing’ with REALLY cool people in L.A.

This indie dream boat duo consisting of guitarist Randy Randall and drummer Dean Allen Spunt blast out an absolute racket of a song which is reminiscent of a more cheerful and less teenage angsty Smashing Pumpkins – not the whiny version of Smashing Pumpkins, but rather the glorious and triumphantly tuneful version of Corgan’s band.

Combining just the right level of screechiness with an abundance of thrash-ladden melody, No Age bathe in sun-soaked melancholia. Whilst their tunes are chirpy and upbeat, their lyrics are rather bleak. On ‘Glitter’, drummer/vocalist Dean complains that: “I don’t feel nothing unless it’s broke”, but the beauty underneath No Age’s musical cloud of doom is that with an energy so contagious and a voice so emotive, a distinct sense of optimism still shines through brightly and brilliantly.

On their website it says that when writing songs, they set out with one particular rule in mind: To write songs that we would be psyched to listen to. With ‘Glitter’ they have more than achieved that!