Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Jason DeRulo

Last night I went to see Jason DeRulo. Live In Concert. Yes. Now you’re gonna say WTF? But what started as an ironic kinda love has turned into a full-on love affair on the verge of obsession. Jason is just doing it for me – I cannot help it.

So I thought what better way to celebrate his amazingess than come up with a list of all things I love about Jason. And there are a few, let me tell you!

This post is dedicated to someone ace who got me tickets.

He has lyrics like that: “Told me to get my shit together, now I got my shit together” – that’s empowerment on a whole new level. Thanks Jason.

He sings his own name. Multiple Times. And he loves it. And people love it. 

He can dance like the devil. In a good way. 

Tunes. Killer.

Outfits. Killer.


  1. Ohhhh and I forgot to say I also love that he played 'Ridin' Solo' TWICE! Just because he can!