Saturday, 4 June 2011

Bloody Knees

When the person you’re texting lets you have the last word by letting you be the last person to text, REALLY they are the ones who have the last word. Major bummer.

Who cares about the last word? I care about a good conversation.

I mean I am well into this zen stuff right now, but sometimes you just gotta tell it how it is.

It’s okay to admit you care. Just be careful when you admit it to someone who doesn’t in fact care. Admitting you care is the new not caring!

Don’t be the other girl. For him it’s just a self-affirmation / macho thing and you’re better than that.

If he’s got issues to distinguish ‘their’ and ‘they’re’ and ‘it’s’ and ‘its’, it’s pretty much worse than if he’s got attachment issues. For me anyway.

It’s important to know whether you really like him or whether you kinda like him because he compliments you, makes you feel better about yourself and makes you feel desired. Cause that’s just selfish bullshit.

If he doesn’t call you, he DOES NOT WANT to call you. Simples.

Girls always think they can change the guy and turn him into what they want. One word. WRONG. The guy likes the way he is and he’ll find some girl who likes it too rather than hang out with the psycho freak who constantly tries to change him. Simples.

A boyfriend / girlfriend is a friend that you also wanna have sex with. Don’t forget the friend bit. It’s important. 

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