Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Re: Solution

Hello lovers, today I had a really productive day. I spent some time twittering up random LA bands telling them that I want to exchange bodily fluids with them (and none of those fuckers got back to me yet), played cards with my mum, watched Gilmore Girls and didn’t judge Rory for sleeping with Dean (FINALLY), got informed about what the most amazing and most deranged Jamie Lee Curtis Taete is up to and because he is not up to much other than going through some b-celebrities rubbish, I got so fucking bored I goggled “You know what fuck it”. Man that was the highlight of my day cause this emo kid’s love life rant came up and it made me cry a little salty tear. Anyway it goes a little like this (and I am not going to correct all the spelling or punctuation mistakes):

“you know what fuck it... ^^yeah.. i can sit around.. i can let you fucking get to me,i can go back to how i was,I CAN sit around and be depressed... BUT THATS NOT WHO THE FUCK I AM... im not gonna put up with your shit,i dont have to,your not worth it,maybe parts of my life suck,but my lifes amazing whether your in it or not,my family may be fucked up.. but their still my family and i love every single one of them,and you may just be another lying cheating whore,but im used to it thats all i ever get! SO FUCK YOU i can do better baby trust me ;D and of courseee... i could be an asssss... and i could tell you ive been cheating on you the entire timeee... or blah blah blah but i wont,cuz whether i was faithful or not doesnt matter at this point”

Yes I know I know I can hear Thirty Seconds to Mars playing in the background too, but I had to share this little gem regardless. Also first of all I have to say, RESPECT bro, at least you are talking about your feelings, now that’s a step forward. Secondly, all I can say is WTF? I mean what does this thing ^^ at the beginning of the rant mean? Also I don’t really get the point of this cheating discourse. Now have you or haven’t you? And why for Christ’s sake did I find this on a Vampire Lovers' forum…are you talking about R-Pattz?

Hmmm, let’s leave this little poetic treasure behind and move on with my life. So New Year’s is coming up fast and people usually tend to make up all sorts of visionary future promises and health/love-life/money related resolutions, but you guessed it, I am not a big fan of that crap, cause it never happens anyway. People are too lazy. BUT and now that’s a capital but, I have thought about a little New Year’s resolution too. WOW!

Sidebar: I think this might be my most meaningless and disconnected blog entry yet…It’s probably going to lose me my 2 readers. Fuck.

So back to my resolution. Actually I have made two. And the funny thing is that they contradict each other massively, now that’s going to be a proper challenge. First I am on a mission to bring back romance in 2010 and yes I am talking the whole works: flowers, opening the door for a lady i.e. me), arranging the chair, taking the coat, not putting out too early, listening to music together and writing little letters of affection rather then Twitter twattering it up. My second resolution is to not talk about emotional stuff anymore and basically turn into a boy…haven’t really figured out yet how I am going to do that, but it’s certainly going to be interesting, especially in conjunction with resolution #1. Ha!

Have a lovely 2010 and join me on my mission. We can make out after date number four I reckon. Boom.

Laters Linda

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