Thursday, 17 December 2009

Shit happens...

Hello all, I have had a very contemplative time recently. Shit happens. Shit happened to me. I was sad and upset and cried and that made me think about things. I am now slightly happier, which is good, I guess. Anyway, this post will be about how in the end we are all alone, cheerful I know.

So did you ever think about how only really and truly you are the only person on this planet who fully understands you. It sounds weird and I am sure the sentence is grammatically incorrect too. But it’s true. Ties with lovers, friends and family only go so deep but the deepest and most profound relationship you will ever have is with yourself, I sound like a fucking motivational coach now, but it needs to be said.

I have talked to quite a few friends recently, who have just come out of long-term or long-long-term relationships and what it comes down to is that all said they felt like they didn’t really know their partner after they were dumped. How after spending five up to 15 years with somebody would you be able to say that kind of thing? It sucks. And that’s why have come to the conclusion that nobody ever really knows you, I might as well play a fucking my Chemical Romance song now, but noo I haven’t gone emo. Calm down.

However, what I am trying to express is that even you fully trust somebody and you are totally crushed out and you think you know everything about that person, you don’t. You simply don’t! Because people don’t share everything, they cannot, they are embarrassed about their little quirks or whatever, and they are embarrassed they have disgusting thoughts and would never bother you with them; they don’t want to hurt you by telling you that that girl over there on the street is much hotter than you, so just forget it. I am NOT trying to say that you should become a paranoid and lonely old wrench but a little self-awareness and carefulness cannot be wrong either, can it? Be aware that you might be lured into thinking that other person you are in love/lust with is 100% sharing everything and that you can read him like an open book but essentially he is just another stranger that you have had sex with.

I am not advocating being a life-time loner/single/weirdo here, get me right, all I am saying is that please love yourself more than you love anybody else, because the relationship you have with yourself is the most long-lasting, profound and sincere.

Now go and make out.

Laters, Linda

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