Tuesday, 2 February 2010

A Pie Chart of my Brain

Hello lovers, so two days ago something strange happened. I found a Maoam Fruit Chew Stripe in my jacket pocket, which I, fo shizzle, didn’t put in there. And then I found another one in my bag. Now either I am losing my mind, or I have a secret admirer, who keeps supplying me with Maoam Stripes. Maybe he’s a feeder, maybe he thinks it’s sweet. He possibly doesn’t even exist and I have delusions. Just that it confused me slightly. I mean where do these Stripes come from?? How did they get in my pocket and then in my bag? Very suspicious. Anyway I ate them and they were nice. Strawberry flavour. My favourite. So thanks secret Maoam supplier. Next time I would love to have some lemon ones, please.

On a different and slightly less obscure note, today I have produced a pie chart of my brain. I know. There you go! I hope the legend is not too small to decipher, you would miss out!

Laters, Linda

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