Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I hate it but I love it....

Hi underage lovers, how are you feeling today?

This blog is not only an outlet for my little rants nor is it solely a reflection of my slightly confused state of mind, but it’s also a place to share the love. No I am not being ironic, here. Really all I wanna do is give you a hug and tell you that everything will be fine. So today I would like to talk about things that boys think we might hate, and that we (or at least I) tell them I hate but that I really love in reality.

Fuck me that was a confusingly long sentence. Anyway you get the gist. I say ‘I hate it’. I mean ‘I love it’. And do even try to go all post-feminist on me.

You know that old worn out Kurt Cobain sweater you have. I know I slag it off all the time lecturing you on how emo (as in emo-grunge) it is and telling you how bad you look in it, but secretly I love that sweater cause it doesn’t only smell of you and of a vintage clothes shop in equal parts, but it’s also nice and comfy to wear when I steal it from you. Plus grunge style is SOOOO the new shit. Even Topshop have latched onto it by now. I mean hello?

You know how I tell you that I thinks it’s super degrading and misogynist when I catch you staring at my boobs? Well I do love that too, cause I know they are ace and who could resist really?

You know how I get all funny when you use my black nail varnish cause “you just feel like it today” and tell you that you really need to grow up and be a real man. Well, let’s face it; you can totally pull off that androgynous look. So hot!

You know how I sometimes whinge when you are out with your friends drinking cause “you are neglecting me”? Yes, I still think you should be drinking with me rather then with your friends cause obvs I am much more entertaining and funny. BUT I do enjoy being away from you at times as well. You know I can do girly stuff then, like pedicures, manicures, braid the hair of my girlfriends, pillow fights in pyjamas and all that.

Finally you know how I tell you that I hate when you listen to Blood Red Shoes? Well I FUCKING hate that, really.

Laters lovers x

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