Thursday, 25 February 2010

10 hotties on TV

Hi lovers, it's list-making time. Wooooo

I would like to introduce to you the 'Top 10 hottest guy on TV' Linda-style. In this very order top to bottom.

1. Simon from Misfits: I mean what else is there to say? He is weird, weird-looking, totally out of it, incredibly issue-laden and wearing amazingly tailored sharp shirts. Perfect future-husband material!

2. Jordan Catalano from My So-called Life: OMG. Could he be any hotter? I mean really? So aloof, so bored all the time, so sensitive, so in a shitty band, so crush-worthy. He will end up working in a supermarket, but for now he's a total heartbreaker!

3. Michael Scofield from Prison Break: Sharp in looks and brains. Body. Tattoos. Eyes. Enough said.

4. Jack from Lost: Not only does he totally cater for anybody with daddy complexes but he's also a doctor, a therapist, a hottie, a good listener and a builder all morphed into one person. Simply a guy who fixes things. And God do I love a guy who fixes things. Yum.

5. Henry from Dawson's Creek: Just read this post.

6. Jess from Gilmore Girls: 1 part Bad-Boy + 1 part literature student + a little bit of moddy teenage charm = H.O.T.

7. Seth Cohen from the O.C.: I know I know many of you would have classed him higher but little Seth is a bit too neurotic to make it into the top 5. Anyway, yes he is still totes hot. I mean the jumpers, the music obsession, the puppy dog eyes, the inexperienced demeanour, the 'Chrismukkah'. Loving the Seth.

8. Derek aka McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy: Another doctor. Another hottie. The hair is quite good too.

9. Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Controversial this one, I do realise that. But before all that Twilight hype came along, Spike here was already everything you'd hope a vampire could be. Threatening, darkly sexy, fascinating, appalling and appealing. Additionally when Buffy made out with him it was like the universe would implode. Miaouw.

10. Eric Forman from That 70s Show: Yes I struggled a bit with this one. But I mean he is geek enough to make it into the list. And anybody who can pull off those flares with his grace still intact should at least be in this list. Well done.

Laters lovers x


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