Friday, 22 April 2011

Men-things I like.

Attention typical Linda topic alert!

Just now I had a little thinking session. I sometimes do that. Only sometimes. And I thought to myself guys, as in men, hmmm, wow, what a wonderful group of people. No really. Sometimes I feel the love. I think today I felt the love and why you’re asking? Because sometimes men are just bloody adorable. Sometimes men are pricks too but today I only wanna talk about the men-things I like. And they don’t all have to do with kittens.

I like when guys do that “Oh I’m really not that important even though I run this entire show” totally see-through fake humble cheeky talk to impress a girl and then say “Oh don’t be impressed, it’s no big deal.”

I like when guys enumerate their life’s achievements to come across all cool and knowing whilst not knowing that they spelled half of their list wrong.

I like guys that aren’t ladies men. I like losers. Not complete knobhead losers though.

I like when guys don’t try too hard to find the right words and just talk.

I like when guys have the decency to be honest.

I like when guys uncomplicate things that girls complicate.

I like when guys talk about nail varnish colours as if they’d really care. I know they don’t but it’s sweet to try.

I like when guys talk excitedly about their recently-discovered super-secret new favourite band to then find out that said band already have 2 million YouTube views. Bless.

I like when guys explain technical things. Hot.

I like when guys watch Bear Grylls episodes as intently as I do. I like it even more when they can do some of the stuff Bear Grylls can do. Except for giving yourself an enema that is.  

Love you! Linda xx

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