Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Hello blog-lovers, this post was meant to be in collaboration with the amazing Owl Post, but unfortunately The Owl Post is extremely busy talking about good music, so you will have to make do with just my post.

This little ditty is about boys in bands and it's about who you would snog, marry and avoid. Ohhh the possibilities. Let's get started then and if you'd like to listen to some accompanying 'topical' tunes, click here.

Marry: Ira Wolf Tuton

I mean I have talked extensively about my unabated passion for Ira Wolf Tuton on the Book of Linda before. Maybe too much. But there is no doubt that good old Ira is marriage material. There is no doubt either that he's the only boy in a band, who I would ever go near.

Not only would you be able to say your husband is called Ira Wolf (imagine introducing this one to your parents), but he’s also a carpenter in his band-free days, so he can fix everything around the house. Total winner. He would make for an ideal husband because he’s just weird enough, but not too weird. You could party with his band, but you could also go fishing and stay in a log cabin with him for days. He's a funny guy, who can also talk about poetry when he feels like it. What can I say - best of both worlds.

Snog: Hugo White (The Maccabees)

He’s fit. That’s all.

Avoid: Tom Meighan from Kasabian.

I mean this bloke might look agreeable from the outside with all his rough bloke charm (shudder - some girls might like that), but he’s rotten on the inside. He’s the epitome of a proper Britpop geezer, who would choose a pint, a fag and another bird over you any time. Instead of spending time with you, he’d rather go play footie with his mates. Instead of having dinner with you, he’d rather go down the local. Instead of hanging out with his mother-in-law, he'd rather s**g her. Grim. On top of that his accent is indecipherable. His style sucks. His band sucks. He’s a bit thick. He or any guy from Kings of Leon, nothing good can come of that shit.

Ira - marry me. Hugo - call me. Tom - vom.

Linda x


  1. I intensely dislike both Tom Meighan and Kasabian.

  2. i would snog hugo any day! ;)