Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Idolising People

Hiya beloved readers, today I would like to write about something that I think girls are very prone to doing. Idolising people.

I was prompted to write this post because the other day I met someone, that I actually never wanted to meet, simply because I adored him too much. Does that sound contradictory? Yes? Well, doh, that’s because it is, but you know sometimes you just love the IDEA of someone so much that you don’t want to ruin it with the actual REALITY of that person. It’s this weird thing that ‘we’ do (and by ‘we’ I hope I‘m not exclusively talking about me, if ya get me).

Loving someone (an artist, an actor, a singer, a wrestler, Heidi from The Hills (NOT), whatever other strange things you might be into) soo much, that it scares you to meet them because they are bloody likely to not be soooo perfect, so God-like, in real life. They could only let you down and deflate your expectations, right?

However, then I thought to myself that I really have to get over these teenage fantasies and grab reality by the balls. And grab I did, I can tell you. Guess what happened?

It wasn’t a let-down. It was pleasant and enlightening and inspiring and refreshing and normal even. So I have come to the conclusion, that, yes, fanstasing about someone is okay, but making that fantasy a reality is actually much more gratifying. I mean who would choose the prefect picture of a chocolate cake, over a real chocolate cake? Eh? Eh??

What’s the point of living in a world filled with unrealistic expectations, I ask you? Just go out and meet people and don’t have expectations, either negative or positive. Take things at face value and don’t over-analyse. And in order to do that, just follow these three simple steps that are anti-idolisation.

If you can feel that warm and mushy glowing feeling of idolisation coming on, think about what your idol would look like wearing Christian Audigier. Idolisation rape, that’s what that is! Totes works, right?

If you think the guy/girl you idolise so much is the most mysterious person ever, you have to get a reality check and really go talk to them. If they then say their obsession is Tinie Tempah, your obsession will be over like boom.

How can you really idolise somehow who’s main ambition is to become a fig farmer, I ask you? Be realistic about your idol’s ticks. But don’t next-level Google stalk them.

Laters lovers x

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