Thursday, 11 March 2010

How Do You Say Hello?

Hi lovers, I know life is tough and it’s even tougher to say ‘hi’ to that really hot guy on the street. Man, I mean so much could happen right? He could laugh at you. He could point and laugh at you. He could just be really thick. He could be mute and that would be awkward. Most possibly though he will be flattered by your approach. So just get over it.

Anyway since I am a nice person, I thought I’ll help you out. So here are a few ways to say hi to some guy.



Hi? (not recommended)



What’s up?

How’s things?

How are you today?

What’s good?

What’s really good?

What’s really really good?


Mayo – You want some?

Major – London's? What a dick right?

Major - What's your's? Mine is applied human sciences.

Good morning

Good evening

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  1. Sorry guys don't know what's happened with the font in this one, oh well.....