Monday, 1 March 2010

Girls aren’t idiots.

Hiya blog-lovers, how are you doing this morning?

Recently I got quite upset about some douchebag and his meaningless opinions. Then I realised that he has major confidence issues and hence has to make other people feel bad to make himself feel better. What it comes down to though is that he is miserable and lonely and sorry for himself. Then I wanted to go into a self-righteous rant about that wankbag (I am making up new insults as I go along) but I decided, rather than waste my time, I will write about friendship instead, cause let’s face it, it’s more important and more fun.

I seriously admire that thing guys do. ‘Bromance over Romance’. That’s the spirit more girls need, I guess. Sisters should stick together and get down with that little something called loyalty. So here are a few ways to know that your friends are the shizzle.

If you are feeling down, real friends dress up in the most ridiculous outfits and impersonate people that you love/hate just to get a little smile.

Real friends make you laugh, mostly about really inappropriate bodily fluids jokes.

Real friends perpetually tell you to get a grip.

Real friends can have the time of their life with you even if you are stuck on public transport somewhere in Lewisham.

Real friends get semi-naked with you for semi-lesbian photoshoots for semi-art projects without batting an eyelash. Keep your eyes peeled on Mark Adlington’s blog.

Real friends make sure that they hold your hair when you puke.

Real friends collect the shoe that you lost during a stage invasion when you were 17 years old.

Real friends will always remember the good times.

Real friends wish you well and don’t envy your happiness.

Real friends totally get that it’s not about ‘him’, but about ‘the idea’ of him.

Real friends are always stuffing their mouth with chicken when the guy you really fancy walks past, so that you don’t look like a pig, but they do instead.

Real friends are what are making this whole thing worthwhile.

I love you!

Linda x

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