Thursday, 25 March 2010

Girl Crushes

Hi lovers I am back and today I will be hitting you up with girls. Yes you got it right. GIRLS! Not talking about boys, cause sisters gotta stick together sometimes you know. I love it when girls spontaneously compliment other girls on their shoes/dress/face instead of bitching behind her back out of jealousy. I love it when girls talk about boys, cause they are the only ones who get it. I love when girls watch 'The Hills' together. I love when girls share their clothes. I love it when girls share their thoughts. I love it to have girls to look up to.

So today’s post is an ode to girls I have a slight girl crush on. All of them are very different and I admire all of them for different reasons. Composure, Boldness, Beauty, Intelligence, Wisdom, Character, Honesty, Style, Hair, Independence, Talent, Wit and Humour. Girls are ace.

Chloe Sevigny

Natalie Portman

Whitney Port (sorry but I have a soft spot for the Whit)

Karley Sciortino (amazing blog)

Lara Stone

Karen O

Anna Brewster

Alexis Bledel

Charlotte Roche

Christina Ricci

Atlanta De Cadenet

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