Tuesday, 14 September 2010


Hello, blog lovers the other day I was told my blog is only missing one thing – it needs to be more Gossip Girl style. So today I’m getting The Sun journalist inside me out presenting you with a bona-fide backstage story.

Skins, the hyper-successful teen drama show on E4 is shot in Bristol and it so happens that I got cast for a small part in one of the future episodes. After getting all excited that I will meet the new (hot) crew, I was majorly disappointed when I checked them out online. Have a look yourself.

But one guy caught my eye. And it so happened that he was the one acting in my episode. So let’s get down to the behind-the-scenes-goss.

I was cast to play ‘the pretty girl’ - yes nice ego booster and once I got there they put me straight in costume. I was asked to put on a massive petticoat style underskirt and over it they put a baby blue 80s prom dress with sequins. Looked a bit like a mixture of Courtney Love and the Queen. Then I caught the eye of the Skins hottie in the dressing room whose only comment was “You look beautiful”. I sincerely hope he wasn’t being ironic. So far, so bizarre.

Then they put me in make-up. The woman who plastered my face in about 3 layers of foundation (WHY?) is also the woman who sometimes works on Sex and the City. Woo. First bit of gossip. She also does the make-up for the shitty ‘Mistresses’ programme, but hey whatever, still well connected to the TV world.

Anyway the put my hair in rollers, put a beauty spot on my cheek and loads of red lipstick. By then I looked like a discomforting mixture of Marilyn Monroe, The Queen and Courtney Love. But hey you gotta play the game to win it.

They whisked me off to the set, which was basically a dark room, that was supposed to be ‘a party scene’. All I had to do was look drugged up and dance. Easy money. The hottie, his actual name is Sebastian, and another actress named Laya were dressed up in giant bear and bunny costumes and had to act entering the party and dancing with us about 5467254 times. FUUUUUUN. Anyway, since it got incredibly hot in the room and especially in that furry bear costume, Sebastian felt inclined to undress every time, which lets me reveal my second piece of gossip. He wears American Apparel underwear. Now that’s some hot piece of information, innit?

Overall, I learned a few things. Wearing foundation sucks. Getting your make-up done professionally rules. Filming one single scene takes ages. I havea lot of respect for actors who have to do the same stuff over and over again. Sebastian and Laya will have some sort of affair/love story going on in the new Skins series. Jealous. People who are in Skins are all really 16. Shame Sebastian.

XOXO Gossip Girl. Boom.

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