Thursday, 23 September 2010

The Unlikely Lads

Guys, today’s the day that I’ll talk about unlikely lads. Yes it’s well easy to fancy that hot guy in that hot band, who always hangs out with the coolest people at the coolest parties. But isn’t it way more interesting to actually have a closer look at the underdog type guy next to him, the kid who isn’t the centre of attention, or the most beautiful person, but who still has that certain je ne sais quoi that makes him appealing?

Well I think it is. Hence today’s post about people that don’t initially seem to fall into my ‘hottie’ category yet still do. Recently my friends have been getting into some strange things like fancying midgets, fancying anybody that is remotely nice to them or like me fancying that really gothic looking heroin addict who loves wearing bondage outfits from Rick Owens. Really? Really. What is going on?

So here's my top three list of unlikely lads to legitimately have a very likely crush on.

Dominic Monaghan

Yes, the minute Hobbit guy, who also plays Charlie from hit series Lost. What made me really go for this one though is the Eminem video for ‘Love The Way You Lie’. The intensity in his eyes, the anger in his body. Swoosh. I know his teeth are totally wonky and he is far away from what could be called a Hollywood sex-symbol, but he is just that kind of guy that you wanna take out for an ice cream and a bike ride. Plus his tattoos are hot.

That brings me right to my second unlikely lad.


I know you are gonna say that girl’s crazy, but I’ve had a soft spot for Eminem from the very beginning despite all his apparent misogyny, craziness or violent outbursts. I think Em is a really thoughtful, profound and passionate guy, who tends to be too honest about his innermost feelings which obviously leaves him vulnerable in the public domain. He has an amazing and unique lyrical talent and I’d rather listen to someone who puts his all into his outspoken lyrics than endure yet another manufactured bland boy band’s wailings. He’s a doting dad and an extremely sensitive guy and despite his tough exterior, this guy has feelings and expresses them, too. Em – call me one day. We can hang and listen to Yelawolf.

David Guetta

I know this is the most shocking (and humiliating) pick for several reasons. I am not into old men. He’s 43 years old or something. I am not into shit music. He produces it. I’m not into French guys at all. He’s their ultimate role model. I despise anyone who thinks Ed Hardy is chic. David Guetta thinks Ed Hardy is the ultimate style choice. For God’s sake he wears sunglasses at night. Bleurgh. But somehow I still cannot help it, the Guetta gets me every time. Pulsating Euro techno rhythms, really sleazy videos, air-punching and that French accent, it’s a guilty pleasure thing. Forgive me. Please.

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