Thursday, 6 October 2011

Celebrity Geek Gallery

I mean we all know I love geeks. I don’t know how many posts I have started with this very sentence. Several. For sure. But this time, it’s special, cause are not talking über-awkward socially apathetic nerds with woolen jumpers who love the develop websites in their spare time “for fun”, but geeks that have actually turned into bona-fide celebrities shedding the sheepskin shawl for ebullient bling. Or something like that, I just really wanted to use that alliteration. Soz.

Anyway, welcome to Linda’s Celebrity Geek Gallery. Enjoy. I did.

Eeeeeek. Avril. Ewwwww.


Eminem. I still love you.

Shia LeBoeuf. Lost for words.

I mean I have always loved Drake. I love him more now.

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