Friday, 30 September 2011

222 Words.

I think it’s better to say something stupid in the spur of the moment and not regret saying it than to not say anything and feel stupid because of it. Does that make sense?

If he likes post-punk as much as he likes posting letters, you’re onto a winner.

I don’t give a shit if you can talk the talk as long as you can walk the walk. With me.

Top Tip. If you’re one of those rude people who sit down on the aisle seat of the bus with your bag on the
seat next to you, clearly indicating that you don’t want anyone sitting there, I will make a point of sitting right next to you.

Bus aisle sitters with seat baggage, get some manners!

Once you cross that line, you cannot go back. So cherish what you have and don’t always want more.

Once you cross that line, you might discover that that’s what you always wanted.

Life is a fine balancing act.

Like my mum says (and this is a terrible German-to-English translation) – a sparrow in your hand is better than a dove on your roof.

I think I’m too impatient for the ‘Long Game’. I think I’m more into the ‘Life’s-Too-Short-Game’.

This I couldn’t say it any better.

I love you and I hope you’re happy. 

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