Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Top Five Vibes - 90s

I know nostalgia is a wonderful thing, so today’s top five vibes is about the 90s and all that was good about the decade and I’m not only talking grunge and Beavis and Butthead. Here it goes….

My So-Called Life.  I have expressed numerous times how much I love it. An institution. 

Those ‘empowering’ female musicians  – Bikini Kill (yes), TLC (double yes), Huggy Bear (angry), Alanis Morisette (I admit it…), Hole (totes!!) and let’s not forget this…..TUNE. 

Flannel never looked better. Nor did moodiness.

 Brad Renfro wasn’t yet completely fucked up (and dead). 

When the decade ended I was only 15 years old….oh beautiful teenage years. Sigh.  

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