Monday, 4 January 2010


Hello lovers, how is everything going? I literally cannot concentrate today, don’t know why. Plus I have seen that I blogged about many ‘topics’ recently and all this coherent blogging needs to stop now. So I thought might be a good idea to write something completely random and disconnected. And what could be better than some random list making with more random advice/questions/meditations, yay!

Also I have been having weird dreams lately that are either concerned with Batman and/or cuddling with really inappropriate people. Not cuddling with Batman though. But cuddling with bad men if you know what I mean….oh dear, it starts already.

Anyway. Here we go.

1. I think cool haircuts are way overrated and it’s proven (at least in my mind)that people with nerdy/non-existent haircuts try way harder to get with a girl and are way nicer to be with. So goodbye side-parted dark-haired hotties, hello ginger Afro blokes.

2. Sometimes, I get the distinct feeling that all human beings are slightly masochistic. We want what we cannot have and if we finally have it, we don’t want it anymore.

3. I choose happy socks over shiny shoes any time.

4. I choose cats over dogs any time.

5. It’s not about the emotion itself, but about the intensity of the emotion.

6. There’s nothing better than to be the first one dancing. Everybody thinks you’re wasted, but you’re not. Guys will eventually come and ‘dance’ with you cause they think you’re wasted and you have loads of free space to make outrageous moves.

7. So seriously do guys like blondes better or do they prefer naturally brunettes? Is it that they wanna shag the blondes and marry the brunettes? Wanna know.

8. There’s nothing better or more endearing than watching boys watching football other than watching boys watching cricket. Awwww

9. What’s cricket all about by the way?

10. I seriously have the hots for guys that know how to fix a PC.

Laters, Linda x

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