Thursday, 14 January 2010

words of wisdom and/or disconnected ramblings

Hello lovers, today is one of those days…felt like I should be blogging again. Oh well, it’s a pleasure. You know you love it. Today I won’t have a coherent topic (again), instead I will be engaging in completely disconnected, random ramblings, so exactly what this blog was supposed to be about.

So this is what has been bothering me lately.

Firstly, I never really wanted to become one of those girls, you know the ones that only talk about hair and stuff. But I fear that I am EXACTLY that girl, bleurgh, I mean really? Ever since I have plucked up enough courage to dye my hair platinum blonde and consequently look like a mixture of Gwen Stefani (hopefully) Lady Gaga (maybe) and Courtney Love post heroin (grrrr), I have become hair-obsessed. My hair. Others’ hair. Boys’ hair. Even cats' hair. Weird. Anyway so last time I went and got it dyed my usual hairdresser (I am, as you have probably guessed by now, OCD when it comes to hair and only ever trust one hairdresser) wasn’t there and some fucking apprentice did it and guess what… turned slightly orange. Fucking orange. Double grrrr. So for some time I wanted to kill her and then I wanted to shave it all off and do a Britney but that terrified me and I am way too sane for that, so I finally accepted it and have ever since been trying to work the ‘punk’/‘I-don’t-give-a-fuck-if-my-hair-looks-like-a-rainbow’ attitude, yet it isn’t working.

Secondly, you know how we all have ‘the one’. And it’s that one, who looks like an angel to you. That one, who wants to go on ‘non-fake dates’. That one, who always says the right things. That one, who posts super cute pictures of himself playing with his super cute cat on Facebook. That one, who reads the same blogs, magazines and books that you read. That one, who loves music you love. That one, who also introduces you to new music that you will love. That one, who seems perfect. Well you know that’s NOT THE ONE.

And finally, I only have two modes of behaviour when I am meeting new people and that is either super shy or super hyper, so basically the opposite ends of the spectrum. Seriously wondering what is wrong with me cause both attitudes aren’t really me. And I have the hidden fear that it’s a sign of massive insecurity, which wouldn’t make me very happy. Anyway, both attitudes freak the shit out of people. However, I still prefer super hyper to super shy, cause super shy is just boring, whereas super hyper is at least “wow…who’s that girl, she’s scary” and I mean scary in a fascinating way. Anyway must now go and analyse why I can’t be normal when I meet people.

See ya laters. Listening to Ganglians. Good stuff. Loving you all!

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