Wednesday, 20 January 2010


Hello teen lovers, so whilst still being in boy rehab and also basically being bored out of my wits (my TV has stopped working you know) I made the decision to take a long walk. And man a long walk it was. Three hours of leisurely strolling around Bristol’s top attractions (errrrr right) and seeing loads of joggers (what’s with joggers in this city??). Anyway, I enjoyed my epic walk and discovered that if you have too much unnecessary brain dump bothering you, a long walk will surely sort you out and make you forget about it in a matter of seconds, or at least after mile 5. Trust me. Also discovered that Bristol is just as picturesque and polished as it always looks on postcards. Maybe a bit too Pleasantville for me though. That remains to be seen. For your enjoyment, I took some pictures on my walk and please now find a selection of Bristol’s finest ‘sights’.

A pretty mural:
brizzle 1

A pretty house:
brizzle 2

A pretty tower/fountain type thing:
brizzle 6

Pretty patriotic sentiment:
brizzle 5br

Pretty view from pretty suspension bridge:
brizzle 7

Two pretty sunken in gravestones on a pretty meadow:
brizzle 3

Pretty wall:
brizzle 8

Pretty street with pretty houses:
brizzle 4

Pretty shop with pretty pink elephant sign:
brizzle 0

Laters lovers x

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