Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Boring Post

Hello lovers, today I planned to write about a ‘phenomenon’ that I believe is typical for girls and for girls only. It can only be conceived by a convoluted, totally over-worked and over-analysing girl’s brain. It’s believing in and seeing ‘signs’. But then I realised that it would just produce a terribly tacky post and position me somewhere between a spiritual dread-locked old witch and Britney during her mental phase, so I ditched the idea. Fuck ‘signs’. So instead I am going to dedicate my time to some more list-making fun and randomness. Wooooooo.

  1. Females believe in fairy-tales and maybe our genetic code is conceived to make us believe that there is ‘the one’. How else can you explain that every person with ovaries loves ‘Twilight’ for example? Incidentally ‘the one’ in that film is a self-sacrificing, dedicated, loving vampire, so totally realistic right? Only a female author could have come up with that story.
  2. By the way and just to clear that up I believe in Unicorns (the band) but not in unicorns (the horses with a horn).
  3. Boys believe in cricket, football, beer, music (the good ones) and sex.
  4. I am very good at horrible one-dimensional generalisations.
  5. How come that really hot girls often go out with not so hot guys. But really hot guys never go out with not-so-hot girls?
  6. With schematics so meticulous the measurements of superimpositions of a room within the window make a dream that ends up being such an entity in your reflection, you are the dream to it, you are the prism.
  7. I have nerd rage quite a lot. The type of rage that you get when you start not liking/not caring about a bespectacled loner, but he is so charming and/or sad that his honesty kinda grows on you and then you start liking him and you let him spunk all over your stomach and then you never hear from him again. WTF?
  8. These New Puritans ‘Hidden’ is the best album I have heard in years.
  9. Honestly, I can quite easily say that candy floss faded hair colours are going to be the next big thing. I myself will have washed out light-blue hair soon. Fairy-tale style. Ha.
  10. I have a major thing for guys with facial scars and/or some sort of facial disfigurement. Wrong? Will it result in subsequent nerd rage? Probably!
  11. Walking a dog in the park is a guy-magnet. Humour and manners are girl-magnets.
  12. Why always make lists with even numbers? Because everybody is at least slightly OCD.

Laters lovers

Linda x

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