Monday, 26 April 2010

Top Five Dos and Don'ts

Hello loved ones, today it’s a great day to make another list. I love lists and I know you love lists too, especially the ones I compile. So it’s a win-win situation really.

Today’s list concerns the fickle nature of the dating game (so no surprise there) and includes a top-five of ‘the best’ guys to date and ‘the worst’ guys to date. Don’t even think about it honey-face!

So let’s start at the beginning.

Top 5 Must-Date-Guys according to the little book of Linda:

1. Librarian (patient, chilled out to the max, likes to put things into order and is into books, cannot get any more perfect than that I reckon)

2. Youth / Social Worker ( considerate, concerned with doing good things, interested and compassionate, might also like to listen to Suicidal Tendencies to impress his youngsters – bingo)

3. Curator in London’s National Gallery (keyed up on art and culture, interesting, all expenses paid for trips to the Louvre and MOMA and loaded. Need I say more?)

4. Vet (just think about all those kitties he fixes on a daily basis, awwwwwww)

5. Editor of Nylon magazine (loads of rad free shit, invites to the coolest parties, promo CDs of the coolest bands and not around all the time – sounds like a fair deal to me)

Top 5 Must-NEVER-Date-Guys according to the little book of Linda:

1. Stockbroker (soulless capitalist pig and bad in bed - pure speculation [har har])

2. Boy in a band (just read this)

3. Band Booking Agent (probably on coke, probably a dickhead with an inflated ego, but no mate you are NOT in the band, you are just BOOKING the band)

4. Personal Trainer (probs sounds good initially but after getting kicked out of bed at 5am to do some boot camp style workout WITHOUT breakfast, you might wanna reconsider)

5. Therapist (Just no!!)

Hope that helps!

laters lovers x

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